Thursday, August 17, 2006

JonBenet arrest: They'd better have DNA

From the New York Times:

One American official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of a continuing criminal investigation, cautioned against jumping too swiftly to the conclusion that someone who has confessed to a crime did in fact commit it. The official pointed out that it is not unusual in notorious cases, as the Ramsey case has surely become, for people to falsely claim that they committed the crime, basing their confessions on what they have read in the newspaper...

Mr. Karr’s former wife, Lara Karr, told KGO-TV in San Francisco on Wednesday that while the couple was still married, her husband spent considerable time researching the Ramsey case and another notorious child murder case, that of Polly Klaas, who was abducted and killed in Petaluma, Calif., in 1993.

Ms. Karr said that she and Mr. Karr were in Alabama together on Dec. 25, 1996, the day JonBenet Ramsey was murdered in Colorado...

According to accounts today in the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post, Boulder law enforcement officials began to focus on Mr. Karr in recent months because of e-mail exchanges Mr. Karr had with Michael Tracey, a journalism professor at the University of Colorado. Mr. Tracey had made several documentaries about the case that challenged the work of the police and the public’s rush to blame the Ramseys for their daughter’s death...

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Anonymous said...

This is Classic: The 24-hour news channels are driving this story (hoax?) into the ground with JonBenet and Patsy.
They do the Let's-be-careful bit by interviewing former Cops, FBI agents and Prosecutors to talk about psychos who confess to crimes they didn't commit.
Then they wallow in sappy-talk about how the Patsy Ramsey got the news on JonBenet's "killer" before she died.
Case Closed.
And, how about those Thai POH-leece? Walking this Schmoe into the Media Mass? What was that about?