Friday, August 11, 2006

Axed! Geraldo At Large to be gone by September

We got word two days ago that Geraldo At Large has finally, mercifully, been cancelled.

The show went on the air late last year, after Fox News chief Roger Ailes helped convince Rupert Murdoch's son Lachlan to quit and took over his role leading the Fox stations. Despite the conflict of interest, Ailes' first action was to kill the newly-revived A Current Affair, in part because the growing show competed with and beat his Fox News team, and because Geraldo had a fat contract and nowhere to go.

At Large was a slapped together affair that never had an executive producer or a vision beyond a desire to hype Fox News and throw Geraldo Rivera's shtick into an arena that had passed him by. The show was most notable for its promos which were among the most brutal and ugly on television: nasty, hard edged, amateur tabporn spitting words like "rape," "murder," "porn" and "child sex" amid family programming like The Simpsons and American Idol. It was bad stuff, advertising a bad show in the most crass terms possible.

And it's a shame that Ailes pulled the plug on Affair, which was gaining an audience and reclaiming its old territory and, given as much time as Geraldo At Large has wasted on the air, would be thriving today and putting money in Murdoch's pockets.

So has it been cancelled? Our sources are good ones. But we haven't seen the news anywhere else.

(Note: We see that Mike Douglas has also been cancelled. There's an interesting tidbit from his New York Times obit: "...The program also produced a pivotal moment in American political history: the creative mind behind the scenes at 'The Mike Douglas Show' in the 1960's, the producer Roger Ailes, became a crucial media adviser to Mr. Nixon in his successful run for President in 1968 after meeting him on the show. He went on to play a similar campaign role for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and is now chief executive officer of Fox News Channel and chairman of Fox Television...")


jason said...

Please, please, please let it be so!!

Anonymous said...

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Bushido Hacks said...

So long, jerkwad!

I swear, last month it was like 4 PM in the afternoon and Geraldo was taking about "mainstream porn". Cinemax can't air softcore porn at 4 AM but Geraldo can talk about this crap at 4 PM when the kids are getting out of school! Deciency and profanety can co-existis on TV, but not when people like Geraldo are propganzing these issues by telling us what is good and what is bad.

Just remember, there is a button on the TV remote that says POWER. This in my humble opinion is the only V-chip that the world needs.

Adios asshat! And don't come back!
Go back home and find Al Capone's vault!

Bushido Hacks said...

BTW: Here's pretty much Geraldo's carrier in a nutshell.

This clip on YouTube that was originally recorded in a way that only VHS can explain Geraldo's only achievement in life.

FishbowlLA said...

Tabloid Baby-Talk: Geraldo Cancelled

Trying hard not to sound too gleeful, Tabloid Baby posts about the cancellation of Geraldo At Large. TB has very good sources inside FOX (don't ask us how we know), and for the blogger to take time away from the obsessive search for Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend, the story must be good.

So, come September, it's back to the life of a pirate for Geraldo, we're guessing.

gullyborg said...

oh no, now what will Laurie Dhue do?

Anonymous said...

from what I hear it will be going national and what I read per an ad in Television Week its selling.

Anonymous said...

A Current Affair wasn't doing any better and wasn't showing any signs of growth when it was replaced by Geraldo, so I'm not sure where they're getting the info on ACA. There is no basis to assume ACA would've caught on with audiences by now.

Anonymous said...

I see over-the-hill Laurie Dhue is Laurie DONE! DAGNABIT!!!

oweaver said...

Speaking of Geraldo,
A coupe of weeks ago the old video of Geraldo Rivera dodging a bullet ricochet in Afghanistan was rerun on FOX.

The sound of the bullet was very loud. Remembering the original video on TV from 2-3 years ago I don’t recall hearing the bullet, at least it wasn’t so prominent.

Could the new sound have been dubbed to create the illusion that Geraldo was in more danger than he really was? Does anyone know how to check out?

oweaver said...



self-centered, egomaniacal, egoistic, egotistic, self-interested, selfish, self-seeking, self-absorbed, narcissistic, vain, self-important.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

It took to long to get rid of this phoney, hypocrite guy. He has done more harm than good on TV. Now, with his alliance with Baez and Mason is pathetic. He never won a case in court, nor was he a good lawyer. He was a lousy lawyer. I hope that he goes back home to his three wives and three kids. He is a shame to the Spanish community, and like OJ, he never wanted to admit his beginnings.