Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katie Couric's Bush is showing... and telling

George W. Bush as a guest on Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News show debut?

They may be pulling old Walter Cronkite out of the yacht bunk where he’s been shtupping Carly Simon’s sister to introduce their new anchorgal when she ushers in the fuzzier, perkier Evening News era next Tuesday (commentaries and all!), but with the Bush smooch, Les Moonves is leaving no doubt about it: the fight is on to make sure the age of the liberal, crusading, Burberry-trenchcoat, arugula-chomping, Upper West Side out-of-touch, colonial, left-wing, conservative-bashing, slanted, sheltered CBS News is over!

Making nice with the Bush administration is a big statement. And though much of the Old Guard is still behind the scenes at the Evening News, the Moonves bomb is a smart one. Don’t expect her executive producer to last forever.

The Katie Couric Countdown:
Seven fingers to liftoff!

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