Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mel Gibson's shame: Was it "the tequila talking"?

From the Mel Gibson arrest report: "While conducting an inventory of Gibson's vehicle, I found a 750 mg bottle labled, 'Cazadores Tequila', that was approx. 3/4 full of liquid contents, concealed in a brown paper bag... within easy reach of Gibson while he had bveen driving..."


No excuses for Mel Gibson. We've met him, seen his work and know his local and tabloid reputations, but we don't know him or what's in his heart.

But we have, in past decades, been acquainted with tequila.

And we know there's a major difference between the effect of beer... wine... vodka... or whisky... and that of too much tequila.

Tequila is something else altogether.

Tequila can be a wonderful thing, but consumed unwisely, it is the devil's juice. It can safely be considered a drug-- less a truth serum than a hallucinogen.

And though we do not endorse the 12-step program(ming), we do know that an excessive binge on tequila can summon demons that a person may have dedicated his life to overcoming.

Considering Mel Gibson's upbringing, controversy, religiosity, Catholic guilt and apparent inner rage, it is very possible that he did indeed come to his senses with a deep sense of embarrassment and shame.

See Tabloid Baby. Pick a chapter.


Elli in Israel said...

If it was "the tequila talking," was his rant then just an exaggeration? Did he not mean to say that Jews cause all the wars in the world, and he really meant to say they just cause half the wars in the world? And what demons has he been trying to overcome - the fact that he's a card-carrying antisemite and wishes to reform? That Jews didn't kill Christ?

And why do you think he came to his senses? Is it possible that even he, drunk or sober, knows that a ranting antisemite in Hollywood will have trouble finding backers and studios to make more movies?

You let him off the hook way too easy.

the boodge said...

that damn tequila will get you into trouble everytime!

The Yucca said...

This is getting to be an old story, but something has been overlooked.

It was the Tequilla talking. Anyone who is a student of his films going back to Gallipoli knows that he meant the English, not the Jews!