Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Exclusive! Owen almost got in bed with Kate's uncle

Owen Wilson, who’s being implicated in Kate Hudson’s divorce by US Weekly magazine, has another Hudson family movie connection that could have seen him crashing in two years before he and married mother Kate supposedly hooked up on the set of You, Me & Dupree.

The connection is another side-splitting comedy.

You guessed it-- it's the hilarious Burt Reynolds movie, Cloud 9, written and produced by Kate’s uncle, Brett Hudson-- along with his partner in Frozen Pictures (and Tabloid Baby author) Burt Kearns and Oscar-winner Albert S. Ruddy.

Early on, when Burt Reynolds’ very busy schedule was precluding him from appearing in the flick written with him in mind, the script was offered to Owen Wilson!

Wilson was forced to pass, due to other commitments-- to a little movie called Wedding Crashers (in which even his character wouldn’t have an affair with a married mom)!

But if US Weekly’s on the money, it looks like the wedding crasher couldn’t pass on crashing and breaking up Kate’s maybe-happy home in Malibu--- the same town where, coincidentally, Cloud 9 was filmed!

And it looks like Cloud 9, which had an incredible, bizarre influence on the winners of this year’s Oscars… has gone and done it again!

(Not to mention that Owen's known as one of the "Wilson Brothers," while Kate's dad and uncles formed the legendary Hudson Brothers. Another sad coincidence: This quote from our interview with Kate's dad, Bill Hudson, about his divorce from Kate's mom, Goldie Hawn: "Goldie talks about the marriage ending because of her power and fame as a star. That wasn’t it at all. What happened was is that when she was doing Private Benjamin, she hooked up with this guy named Yves who was an extra. Goldie started carrying on and having an affair with him during our marriage. And I found out about it.")

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