Monday, August 14, 2006

...and co-starring Brad Pitt as Colin Powell

It's reported today that actor Daniel Futterman is playing Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnaped and murdered in Pakistan, in an upcoming movie.

Good casting.

But it's also reported that Pearl’s widow, Mariane, will be portrayed by Angelina Jolie.

Mariane appears to be a black woman.

Uh, aren’t there any African-American actresses who are qualified for the role?


DodgerJon said...

Please see the B&W shot, fourth from the left, bottom row as my choice for the role of the widow.

Inspired choice, BK!

Anonymous said...

Hollywood thinks it is still the '50's and they can cast white people in non-white roles ala Ava Gardner in "Showboat."
Angelina has been to Africa so many time she's beginning to think she is "African" except, of course,without having to experience the poverty or racism,etc.

Anonymous said...

Sad, since I wanted to see this picture and now I'll stay home. And too bad that the NAACP, hell BET, no longer has any will or ability to muster a protest or two - does anyone remember what the Latino community did when Laura San Giacomo was set to play Frieda Kahlo?

Anonymous said...

^ Damn, sister. Laura San Giacomo had the eyebrows for that role.