Thursday, August 17, 2006

The JMK conspiracy

So a man who appears to have stepped out of sex pervert central casting is arrested by American authorities in a Bangkok sex tourist hotel, is paraded before the press like Lee Harvey Oswald, allowed to profess he killed JonBenet Ramsey ten years ago, and bark out explanations for and details of the crime that any reader of the National Enquirer knows to be inaccurate.

Until DNA ties John M. Karr to the crime and all the gaping holes in his story are filled beyond a reasonable doubt, we’ve just gotta ask:

How would he have become familiar with the interior of the family’s home? How could he have known to ask for $118,000 in ransom, which happened to be the exact, after-tax amount of a bonus Mr. Ramsey had just received, in the ransom note? How would his handwriting in the note match closely that of JonBenet’s mother, Patsy? And how would he have killed JonBenet that Christmas night if he was in Alabama at the time?

We can’t help but think back to the moment the story popped up as the main headline on the right-wing Drudge Report yesterday afternoon, and how all initial reports indicated that the Boulder, Colorado DA had a solid case and had unexpectly nabbed the killer. We watched as the blithering cable news time-fillers argued their theories while real reporters swiftly stepped through the holes in the case.

And today, after keeping us hanging on for 18 hours, the DA points only to a confession? From a nut who corresponded with a local professor who made three documentaries about the case and obviously got inside information from frustrated Boulder cops?

Why was he arrested in Bangkok?

Why was it reported he was in jail in Bangkok when he was not?

Why does he button the top button of his shirt?

Who is John M. Karr?

Does he have connections to the government? Was he programmed?

Reports allege he is a peodophile. In the past decade, similar accusations were tossed at John Ramsey. Did the two men meet online through mutual interest? Did Ramsey pay the ultimate price? What about that Mormon harp-playing girl who was kidnapped and turned up alive?

All we know is that our attention was turned away from Bush, Iraq, Lebanon, the hyped terror alert and other matters of crucial importance as we approach the fifth anniversary of 9/11. Not the tenth anniversary of JonBenet.

Back to business.

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Ray Richmond said...

You are SO right about JMK. No case.

Your blogs kicks ass. It ought to be essential reading for all.