Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oasis are the greatest rock 'n' roll band ever!

Some people are laughing that Britain’s Q magazine poll placed two songs by Oasis at the top of their list of the 100 Greatest Songs Ever.

Don’t laugh.

Sure, Q’s into making up provocative lists, and they’re bound to be Anglocentric—but Q is the best rock magazine in Western culture.

And as we’ve been saying for more than a decade now:

Oasis are the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band ever.

Live Forever is the greatest rock ‘n’ roll song ever. For the past six months, it’s been the ringtone on our cellphone!

And Wonderwall, voted the second greatest song ever-- could fight for the title! We’d sing it to the baby all those years ago.

Tabloid Baby pals like Brett Hudson of the Hudson Brothers and Ringo Starr of the All-Starr Band dismiss Oasis as crass Beatles imitators. Others don’t like them because they don’t move onstage, never really cracked America, and are known here mainly for their “All Around the World” song in a phone commercial.

But Oasis, and the Gallagher brothers at its core, represent everything good about rock ‘n’ roll music. Their fights and misadventures have been hilarious fodder for a dozen years— speaking unintelligibly in Mancurian (find Wibling Rivalry), walking out on the US tours that would finally break them here—slugging it out in public—Liam calling in sick to MTV Unplugged, then heckling from the balcony as Noel struggled to croon through the hits—Liam questioning the paternity of Noel’s kid-- getting his teeth knocked out—Noel firing all the original members of the band and replacing them with B-grade Brit rockers .…

That’s all window dressing.

Bottom line: Oasis are not Beatles imitators any more than the Beatles were Everly Brothers imitators.

Oasis are better than the Beatles!

Liam Gallagher is the greatest rock ‘n’ roll singer since John Lennon!

The first two Oasis albums are among the greatest albums ever!

Their live album is the greatest live album ever!

Songs like Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, Cigarettes & Alcohol and Champagne Supernova could round out the Top 5.

And Oasis is mentioned in Tabloid Baby!

In solidarity and tribute, we've added the Oasis website to the Tabloid Baby links list!

Would anyone disagree?


adam said...

Better than the Beatles?????
Too much wax in your ears I suppose. Wake up baby!!

Anonymous said...

Oasis are the greatest rock n roll band ever.. its a fact proven many times.. u ignorant people just wont accept it.

Mitch said...

I like Oasis but they're not the best. Actually they're not even in the top 20 on rankopedia.

marko said...

Oasis?!? Oasis are good but the best??? i think that the greatest rock 'n' roll band is KISS.

marko said...

Oasis??? oasis are very good but the best? i think that the greatest rock 'n' roll band is KISS.

Kipp said...

Who in the hell is Oasis? If they are so great why have I not heard fo these fart tear jerkers?

Anonymous said...

oasis are the best band ever u accept that or not and i think their first and second album prove that and that jerk kipp said who in the hell is oasis...
if u don't know oasis then u don't know rock n roll asshole

Anonymous said...

Its a fact that Oasis are the greatest band ever!Anyone who doesnt like them just has to accept it!
No other band has wrote songs like Live Forever and Wonderwall!
The Beatles didnt even look like rockstars, they were 4 muppets who looked like maths teachers and there albums were knowhere near as good as Definitely Maybe or Whats the Story (Morning Glory)!

SomeOneWhoKNows said...

right agreed with you untill you said they were better than the beatles, totally ruined your argument there.

Anonymous said...

As somebody who was too young during Britpop, I wouldn't disagree with them being one of the greatest rock bands ever. Greatest? Certainly not - that obviously goes to The Beatles.

But certainly the greatest band in the last 25 years no doubt.

And if you haven't heard of Oasis, then you seriously need to get out more.

Anonymous said...

Why do so many people think Oasis "never really cracked America"? In 2006, over a decade after forming and reaching their peak popularity in the United States, they sold out Madison Square Garden and The Hollywood Bowl. They have 2 platinum and a multi-platinum album in the US. If that doesn't ount as cracking the US then I don't know what does. Oasis are not the greatest rock band ever, however I'd put them in my top 10 anyday and I do like the more than The Beatles, who I don't like much.

Anonymous said...

Best band ever!

Jack Oasis Mad Super Fan said...

Oasis are the greatest band ever !! I can say that because they had the greatest frontman and a truly great song writer , they have just as many hits as the beatles and they have the greatest debut album of all time and the greatest album of all time !!!! You can't get better than that !!