Sunday, August 20, 2006

Home Fries Security

Look who's bringing liquids to the airport.

We'd stopped off for a coffee in Marina del Rey on the way in to the Tabloid Baby offices this morning around 7:45, when a police motorcade pulled up behind us. We expected to see the mayor get out of the Town Car. It turned out to be Michael Chertoff and his wife Meryl.

The United States Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security wasn't the ominous Bergmanesque presence of his news conferences. In fact, he was downright jovial, stepping up to shake our hand, spending about fifteen minute inside Joni's Cafe, buying his own breakfast, pressing plots of flesh and assuring us that his intention is to keep us all safe.

We told Chertoff we were at LaGuardia Airport on the day of the liquids scare and said we couldn’t feel much safer than that. He appreciated the irony.

One of his bodyguards checked out our camera, and after whispering into his transmitter, gave us permission for this exclusive photo. Chertoff sped off toward LAX. Our bet is that they let him bring the coffee on the plane.

photo © tabloidbaby.com

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