Thursday, August 17, 2006

Howard Stern should simulcast-- before it's too late

Howard Stern made the news today in the same way he’s been making news all year—in a stupid gossip item. He missed the funeral of Babba Booey’s father because his girlfriend Beth broke an ankle.

In other words, Howard Stern has become irrelevant, showing up on the public radar with as much significance as Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling.

Every day, the memory of the Howard Stern radio era gets more dim and Stern becomes more removed from the public consciousness, no longer an influence in politics or pop culture. He’s yesterday’s news, doing radio that’s the equivalent of Katie Couric’s CBS “listening tour” before selected, screened audiences.

Meanwhile, here in L.A., his replacement is on vacation again, arrogant enough to be replaying shows that ran about two weeks ago, still wasting valuable airtime on phony “characters” like the “Deaf Frat Guy” instead of real guests who might add some interest to the program.

It’s inevitable that Stern will begin to syndicate cleaned-up portions of his show on regular radio. Whether it’s a couple of hours of programming or just his news-with-Robin-Quivers segment, he will be back.

But he oughta do it sooner than later. Because nobody cares about Howard Stern anymore.


Anonymous said...

He shoulda left when he had the chance. It's way past time for him to retire and enjoy his millions. Even his hard core fans have grown weary of him. Timing is everything, he's lost his.

Anonymous said...

millions of people are listen to stern on sirius and he is still a large part of media...sorry your wrong

Anonymous said...

you are way off, I listen to howard stern on sirius and its been better than ever, hes not coming back to am/fm radio, you're an idiot

Anonymous said...

Stern has effectively given himself a 0.0 rating in every market. In addition to that he only works about 4 days a week and takes frequent vacations on top of that. His show has also stooped to hiring people to call in to the show to kiss his @$$. Stern's time is long gone. It's a shame, he was the greatest once, but he's washed up now.