Friday, August 04, 2006

Fab Forever rocks thousands, takes Tribute title

Fab Forever claimed the title of Best Beatles Tribute Band in America last night with a fabs-worthy performance before an overflow crowd of more than two thousand that spilled from the courtyard of the Culver City Civic Center into Culver Boulevard and beyond.

The three-act Beatles history tour saw the band transform from mop-tops to international stadium act to the rooftop concert legends in an incredible aural and visual simulation that united an all-ages audience in cheers, dancing and singalongs (the group's version of Twist & Shout made the scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off look like the vigil outside the Dakota). Incredibly, the crowd grew during the show, as the band’s spot-on musicianship had them screaming for more.

All credit goes to the excellent showmen on stage (Pete George as Lennon, Todd Rainey as Paul, Ringo Greg George, and Glenn McAllum as George Harrison), as well as the tireless work behind the scenes by the band’s manager/producer Jerry Peluso.

Peluso, who joined in on guitar for While My Guitar Gently Weeps (below), is turning out to be a combination Brian Epstein, Mal Evans, Colonel Tom Parker and Ray Sharkey from The Idolmaker. In a matter of months, he's rehearsed these tribute veterans into a pop machine whose rocket-ride to prominence is rivaled only by the Beatles themselves.

We wrote recently about the ugly backstage war between Fab Forever and Peluso’s former wards, The Fab Four. As the posting spread through cyberspace, Peluso has received private threats and public insults, but there’s no denying his success with this group. Look for Fab Forever to star in a major theatrical presentation.

And stay tuned here for the latest on the Tribute traumas…

concert photos © SJK/TB.com

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Sara said...

Fab Forever is truly the best Beatles tribute in the world. Stay tuned for the plush replicas....