Saturday, August 12, 2006


We figure we'll keep you posted every 100,000 visits or so.

So here's the latest: As of this weekend, Tabloidbaby.com has welcomed more than two hundred and three thousand visitors (that's a hundred thousand in the past two months ), while we're closing in on half a million page views. Thanks especially to Storm Large, Mel Gibson, Heather Mills, Olivia Newton-John's fan clubs, Patrick McDermott, Fab Forever, Geraldo, John & Ken-- and you.

Spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Bravo to the entire Tabloid Baby Staff!! I guess I mean you, BK.
Keep up the hip and intelligent trabajo.

Fan in Manhattan

Elli in Israel said...

not thanks to our man elli on the lebanese border?

Anonymous said...

I bet 199,999 of those visitors was Kiliki.

Anonymous said...

Also Kim posts here as well because she just told some people from OO.
Kim you are just as bad as Kris, Melissa and Kevin you have no life. You really must be neglected by your husband and have no friends outside the OO board.

Bill said...

Don't worry Kim will open her mouth and tell your secrets soon enough, we just thought we would tell Kim's for a change.
Yeah Kim we know you hate Melissa and Kevin and want them off the board but there's not too much you can do about it except post too much information and kiss up to other people.

Anonymous said...

Kim loves to tell other OO members secrets. I can vouch for that. She told mine last year to someone I met at a Olivia concert.
Thanks alot Kim. Now can I tell yours?

Anonymous said...

I wanna hear Kim's secrets. She sure talks enough about people behind their backs.

The beans need to be spilled.

Anonymous said...

Kim hates Melissa. Kevin, Kris and a bunch of other people. She will only help those who can get her Olivia items, the rest she does not care about and the same goes for Kris as well.

Anonymous said...

Who cares Kris if Olivia has a stupid nokia phone, you seem to have too much time on your hands and are too celebrity minded.

Anonymous said...

Kim is talking trash behind Melissa, Kevin and Dale's back for letting Farmer and others hijack her thread on Linda.
Kim said she deserves the praise for putting the thread about Linda on OO not Dale, Kevin or Melissa.