Monday, August 07, 2006

Signs of life for "Breakfast with The Beatles"

thanks for writing...
let's see what we can do...

Well, what do you know? LA’s KLSX Radio is having second thoughts about the cruel surprise cancellation of the sole remaining bright spot on their schedule, the Sunday morning “Breakfast with The Beatles” show.

But it may be too late-- at least for KLSX.

The radio geniuses got a surprise with their Wheaties this morning by the outpouring of email and Internet outrage over the imminent axing of the popular and legendary Beatle show because, as host Chris Carter explained, “KLSX changed formats from music to talk."

What idiots. Program director Jack Silver, who wears his cluelessness like a plaid suit as he tries in vain to play the Tom Chiusano role on the station’s droning and grating Adam Carolla morning show, only turned to talk in the first place so the lowly station could fit around Howard Stern. The remainder of his Sunday schedule includes "N3 Oceanic with Tim Conway Jr. & Dr. Steve Lamm," "House Calls Real Estate" and "Casino Talk with Louie Anderson" and, whatever this is: "C. Thomas Howell." It all sounds like pay for play.

This morning, at Carter’s urging, we sent the program director an email at klsxpd@aol.com. We titled it: Another stupid move by KLSX, and wrote simply: “Keep Breakfast with the Beatles.”

The response this afternoon:

thanks for writing.... let's see what we can do...

So they’re having a change of heart, but they may already be starting this hundred yard dash ten yards behind.

Insiders tell Tabloid Baby that KLOS, the classic rock station at 95.5, has the inside track on landing Chris Carter and his historic radio show, which was started by Deirdre O’Donoghue, who died unexpectedly and too young in 2001. KLOS has its own morning problems, but its rock ‘n’ roll honesty would be better suited to the crisply intelligent Carter and the Lads.

In the meantime, check for updates here.

And if you’re really listening, Jack, why not give Johnny Wendell a shot at Carolla’s berth? He’s as hip as Chris and has something to say.

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