Thursday, August 31, 2006

Couric: From Fun to Nun

Are they serious with this? Leave it to CBS News to pay all that money for Katie Couric and then dress her up like Sister Bertrille.

This is old Bob Schieffer in his last night on Dan Rather's set, after an eighteen-month Viagra high with the CBS Newsbabes, turning the show over to one of the nuns from our Vatican II schooldays. This is their idea of making Katie Couric acceptably "serious" to read the Teleprompter for the Depends and Metamucil set? She's going up against Brian Williams, for Chrissakes!

Les. Are you watching this? Dude, drop the bomb. These people are wacked.

Then again, maybe they figure that black is slimming.

Let us pray... that old Bob isn't covering up what we think he's covering up...

The Katie Couric Countdown:
Five fingers to liftoff!

(Just how wacked is CBS News? Read the introduction to Tabloid Baby, the book that CBS veteran Paula Zahn told us "got it exactly right.")

UPDATE: Ray Richmond of The Hollywood Reporter, the dean of entertainment-- and entertaining-- commentary, weighs in with his usual brilliant perspective at Past Deadline.


past deadline by ray richmond said...

Couric's Chances of Success Look To Be Slim and Nun

I'm a big fan of Burt Kearns and his blog Tabloid Baby, and I specially love his allusion to Katie Couric's preparing for her big launch in the CBS Evening News anchor chair next Tuesday (9/5) by emulating the fashion sense of Sister Bertrille. Yes, first Katie got slim with her controversial Photoshop-reduced profile that became an embarrassment for her this week. Then during fill-in anchor Bob Schieffer's last broadcast on Thursday, she did her nun transformation, as we can see from the accompanying photograph. Slim and nun. It's evidently the secret formula for success that CBS News and its president Sean McManus have been crafting with such clandestine care lo these many weeks.

For Couric's momentous launch next week, she's landed an interview with President Bush, which -- given the leader of the Free World's 35% or so approval rating -- may not necessarily be the swiftest of moves. It appears to be a bit like promoting a refurbished line of computer equipment by positioning it alongside a factory closeout. But oh well. With her spiffy new look, may we also recommend that Katie open that first broadcast in the chair made famous by Walter Cronkite with a spirited rendition of "Dominique" on acoustic guitar.

gawker said...

Katie Couric gets her nun on.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that Katie Couric has made a deal with the devil. Her popularity is baffling considering the fact that she is as appealing to the eye as a bologne sandwhich. Her frumpy, average, meek persona is boring at best. Is her soul worth all that?

Anonymous said...

Katie Couric was born crawling and pooing over other infants to get to the crib nearest the parent spectator window.

She is such a calculated, phony, condescending, not very nice person. Her father was my first journalism teacher at U.Md. He was a very sweet man (this is before Katie was famous) and he told us, "Don't go into print journalism -- your family will starve to death." I guess Katie took that advice to heart.

But even though I can't stand her, I still admire her strength because she's had some major blows in her life (death of husband and sister).

My big problem with her is that when she got into t.v. and when she got her job at Today, if you go back and read interviews, her stance was that she was going to another peroxide blonde mannequin. More than a little ironic, don't ya think?

Well, don't get me started. I've never watched Today but I can't stand Katie Couric.

Anonymous said...

Correction to last post:

She said she DIDN'T want to be another peroxide blonde mannequin.

Anonymous said...

I wore that same outfit on my first day of school too!