Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dennis Woodruff's inspirational message

We ran a post last month about running into Hollywood icon Dennis Woodruff, who for years has driven his car up and down Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards advertising his acting services. This week, Dennis sends this along this inspirational message:

Hi. It's me, Dennis Woodruff. I've become very successful making movies. My new company is High Voltage. Cold Creepy Feeling is now showing a trailer on youtube. We're getting world interest in distribution opportunity. I'll tell all you folks, hard work pays off if you stick to it. I've been working at my career for over twenty years and the rewards have started pouring in. Prosperity is a good thing. It brings more. I probably have everything I ever wanted in life, even more. In fact, I have too much.

"I am a winner,
and I inspire others to be winners, too.
I like to help people, and I like to have fun
and be happy and create more projects."

I count my blessings and I am thankful for all my success. I am a positive person, and do not surround myself with losers or negative people or control freaks, especially not evil people. I try to lead a spiritual life and make a contribution to the world as an artist. I believe individuality is important, and I'm proud to say that people around the world respond and buy my work.

My movies are available on Troma website, and if you google my name, you'll see my store at the very top. I've already sold 100,000+ movies at ten dollars each and I just started. There's an overwhelming demand, even the studios want to see my movies. So, don't give up. I am a winner, and I inspire others to be winners, too. I like to help people, and I like to have fun and be happy and create more projects. Best wishes to all of you. You can email me or contact me, but most of all buy my movies. You'll love them.

Dennis Woodruff


lati said...

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Dennis Woodruff

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Thank you, Dennis Woodruff

Anonymous said...

The new DENNIS WOODRUFF COLLECTION VOLUME 1 can be purchased by Google Searching DENNIS WODDRUFF VOLUME 1 I found outlets around the world and can be ordered on Amazon aswell. I think you'll really like it- I know I did. It's 3 movies for $15 plus shipping. I would say it sthe best independant films today. I met Dennis once and he was a really nice guy- I'll give him mmy money at any time. I understand he's got several more for release. If you want to meet Dennis W in person comes to Larry Edmunds bookstore on Hollywood Bld Spet 21st starting at 7pm. Be there early for a free autograph and meet Lloyd Kaufman owner of tromo films and despributor od all DW movies. Be sure nad get there early and get your palce in line. Please support Dennis W movies and check out DennisWoodruffshow.com. Best Wishes to all BT

Anonymous said...

I would highly reccommend u buy the dw collection I thoroughly enjoyed all three movies. I would have to agree Dennis movies are the best indie movies on the market. I remember years ago he was selling them out of the trunk of his car. I understand he has 20 in the can and ready to go. Why wait? Buy them today I want to support his cause bec I know he is a hard worker and an inspiration to all those trying to make it. - Keifer Sutherland

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