Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Farrah Fawcett Oscar® snub was deliberate

The man in charge of Sunday night's Academy Awards® In Memorium sequence has apologized for omitting actress Farrah Fawcett, yet says the decision was deliberate and insists he stands by it, comparing the show business icon to Gene Barry.

Bruce Davis, executive director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, responded to the outrage expressed on this website, saying: "There's nothing you can say to people, particularly to family members, within a day or two of the show that helps at all. They tend to be surprised and hurt, and we understand that and we're sorry for it."

Davis (above) claimed the academy considered adding Farrah t0 the tribute, but decided her "remarkable television work" made her more suitable for the Emmy Awards, making room for an unusual number of "extremely distinguished screenwriters" who'd died in the past year.

"Think of all the blogging
we would have gotten
if we had left
Michael Jackson out."

Davis said Michael Jackson was included because he'd recently appeared in a popular theatrical film. That would probably be This Is It, the posthumous documentary focused on Jacko's singing and dancing.

He added (and get a load of this!): "Think of all the blogging we would have gotten if we had left him out."

Farrah's survivors joined Tabloid Baby in protest of the Oscar omission. Tatum O'Neal, Oscar®-winning daughter of Farrah's on-off lover Ryan O'Neal, said in a statement following our postings:

“On behalf of myself, my father Ryan O’Neal and my entire family, we are deeply saddened that a truly beautiful and talented actress Farrah Fawcett was not included in the memorial montage during the 82nd Academy Awards®.

“We are bereft with this exclusion of such an international icon who inspired so many for so many reasons. Beautiful, talented Farrah will never be forgotten by her family and amazing fans.”


Anonymous said...

THAT is their apology? Seriously freakin' rude and b.s. if you ask me. Farrah deserved inclusion - period, the end.

Oh and by the way, GREAT dance number. This show is a JOKE and I am glad this omission is putting them all in the hot seat this way so they don't do again next year.

Anonymous said...

Considering that Farrah was in fact a member of the Academy (and Michael was not), I would think that would have been reason enough to give her some mention and would have been a no brainer to include her.

Anonymous said...

Well, 10:14, you pretty much summed it up: 'NO BRAINER'.....now I see why they f***ed it up.

Anonymous said...

This is the hypocrisy, elitism, and blatant callousness that comes with the conceit of power and authority to declare who and what is important and relevant. They are the arbiters of truth? Observe and relish in the Academy and their self-importance puffery.