Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Restricted! Now how will Ryan O'Neal get footage of his drug addict son for his Farrah Fawcett sequel?

Controversial Hollywood actor and father Ryan O'Neal is being restricted from visiting his and Farrah Fawcett's son Redmond in drug rehab, while the young drug addict has been banned from any more home visits that could impede his recovery.

The young ginger O'Neal left his one-year program at the Impact residential drug treatment center today for a courtroom progress report in Los Angeles and to hear Judge Michael Tynan tell him:

"You were faking it the last time you were at Impact. You weren't sincere. You have to take a hard look at your life.

"Right now, pal, you are still in trouble. I'm going to ask Impact to eliminate any home visits, you agree with that Mr O'Neal?"

Redmond replied: "Yes your honor."

RadarOnline.com quotes Redmond as saying, "I'm doing better this time."

The 25-year-old also told People: "I'm doing great. I am focused on my recovery and plan not to let anything get in the way. I am doing my best to make my mother proud."

His attorney Richard Pintal added:"Redmond has kicked it up, and the progress report reflected that."

It was the father, Ryan O'Neal, who took the hardest shot in court when Redmond was denied home visits, along with being restricted from visiting with his son. This is especially difficult for the 68-year-old actor in light of his professed plans to include footage of Redmond amid his struggle with drugs in his planned sequel to the NBC special Farrah's Story.

Redmond's next court date is set for April 7th.


Anonymous said...

God Bless Judge Tynan
Give the kid a shot let him pull himself up WITHOUT that saboteur around with people who REALLY care

Those who have pulled themselves up before

You can't always rely on family they can, and as we know Ryan IS the reason that Redmond is messed up in the first place

Be Strong Redmond
Hang in there
Your Mother is that angel on your shoulder


Anonymous said...

I got so excited, I'm sorry that didn’t make a whole lot of sense did it?

What I was trying to say was the environment that we grow up in, the people we have around us in our lives, family included, can be the trigger that causes our destructive behavior

Keeping those people, Ryan especially, away from the boy just may be the edge Redmond needs to get himself together.

The people who run these centers usually are recovering addicts themselves and know what he is going through and they don’t have any hidden addenda’s, nothing about him relapsing would benefit them. Their interest is in getting Redmond functional

Ryan’s only interest is how he can get his hands on Redmond’s money and Farrah’s image rights

Good Luck Redmond

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 & 2,
Redmond has been given a million chances. Quit blaming other people for his mistakes. He's not a kid anymore. Sure, his history is a big part of why he's where he's at, but HE needs to take responsibility. He had a lot of positives in his life, too. Did he not have a mother who loved him? Did he not have many other relatives who loved him? Friends? Parents of friends? Teachers? Clergy? It's all in what you want.

This restriction is not to punish Ryan. Redmond is probably restricted from ANY visitation now. This is about Redmond and his recovery. Period.

Try focusing some of that 'hating Ryan energy' on praying for Redmond. Would probably make Farrah a lot happier, too.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is best for Redmond that he not see his father too. Especially since dear ole dad wants to shoot footage of him and exploite him in a sequel.

No it is not to punish Ryan, but it sure does send him a message.
He can't be trusted around his son.

Ryan will aleady have footage. He can just munipulate it to look how he wants too. The "magic" of movies...it would be easy! And he will, so no problem there.

3rd Anon..we all know Redmond is a grown up, but Ryan helped or was using with him. He will probably never be a good influence on Red. And how do you know who he had in his life that were good influences on him? Name some other than his mother and grandfather?

We all want Redmond to do well, so we pray for him and hope the best.

Anonymous said...

Im glad the Judge realizes that Ryan is the LAST thing Redmond needs in his life!
Ryan and Alana both care about making money and if they were decent people they would leave Redmond alone and see that he recovers.
Farrah always said she would do anything to keep Redmond out of the spotlight.

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