Monday, March 08, 2010

Farrah Fawcett snubbed at The Oscars®

The image of Patrick Swayze led off the tributes and Karl Malden seemed to generate the loudest applause, but Farrah Fawcett was for some reason excluded from last night's Academy Awards® "In Memorium" segment. Farrah may be better known for her television work, but she also starred in classic films including Myra Breckenridge, Logan's Run, Sunburn, The Cannonball Run, Extremities, The Apostle and Dr. T and The Women.

(Michael Jackson, who died the same day as Farrah and whose film bio is far less substantial than Farrah's, was included.)


Anonymous said...

Why would this surprise anyone?--Hollywood is filled with assholes. Farrah NEVER got the acclaim she should have.

Anonymous said...

Farrah was a member of the academy for that alone she should have been included.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit on the Academy. They messed up recognizing one of the most recognizable actresses.

Anonymous said...

At least all sides can agree that Farrah was snubbed by the Oscars!

What bull to have Michael Jackson on there! Hard to believe, but as one of you said...it's Hollywood.

At least Alana Stewart won't forget to mention her when she picks up her award from the Women of Radio and TV in So. Cal. or.....will she?

Jason's Psyche said...

Dan O'Bannon - writer/director who wrote ALIEN and TOTAL RECALL and directed Return of the LIving Dead, was also left off.

Anonymous said...

As was Bea Arther!! A Golden Girl.
Still sad of the Oscars to leave off so many. Maybe they should think about extending that part of their show. After all the people who came before all of those getting awards made the path.
The Academy should know that and respect that and do more about it!

Nothing short of disrespectful and a dishonor to many who were left off!!


Anonymous said...

Tabolid Baby:

It's time to do something good!
Call out the Academy for their lack of respect for those that passed away this past year.

Do something...you have the power...so do it! Call them out!


Anonymous said...

Tabloid Baby...get on it...radar reporting Craig Nevius upset!

I know that instead of call out the Academy, you will want all out war here on this page.

Do the right thing. Go after the Oscar's not Nevius....Please!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tabloid Baby. Nice of you to talk to the Academy people.
Too bad their answers were less than should be expected.

They seem to have little to no respect for Farrah Fawcett and her fans. Especially when what's her names says "Tough Luck". Oscars suck!

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