Monday, March 08, 2010

Academy shrugs off Farrah Oscar® snub

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has responded to Tabloid Baby's complaint that Farrah Fawcett was unjustly left out of the In Memorium segment of the Academy Awards® show, and their answer is "tough luck."

"I would not say that it was an oversight," says spokeswoman Leslie Unger. "No matter how carefully and how conscientiously people address who is included, there are people who just simply can't be.

"Every year there are many difficult decisions that have to be made and not everybody who passed during the year can be included. That's the unfortunate reality."

Unger addressed our specific complaint that Michael Jackson, who died on the same day as Farrah yet had scant film credits, was honored.

"In any given year there will always be some people that other people think should have been included and that there's more justification for one person versus another. It is impossible to include everybody."

Meanwhile, the men who are fighting over Farrah found common ground in their disgust over the omission.

Speaking through his publicist, Ryan O'Neal said, "We were disappointed that she was not included."

Farrah's producing partner Craig Nevius said: "I think this is what Farrah struggled with her entire career. She struggled with respect and told me many times she felt she was put in a box.

"She loved television, and she was primarily a star on TV, but she was also a star on stage and film. You know, how you can discount Extremities (for which Farrah earned a Golden Globe Globe nomination), The Apostle (ditto an Independent Spirit nomination) and Dr. T and the Women, I don't know.

"I think it would be very big of them to own up to the mistake, but I also think it might set a dangerous precedent for them, which is why they probably won't do it."


Anonymous said...

Why would you use that picture?

She looks so "old"

Is it a costume?

Anonymous said...

Do what I did--don't watch. Hollywood is a bunch of phonies. They scream about global warming and people losing their jobs. Why didn't they cancell the million dollar awards show and donate the money to Haiti? Farrah didn't miss out on anything by not being acknowledged by those freaks--she was better than that.

Anonymous said...

The woman was in her 60's for God's sake. That's what happens to people as they get older--they age. Doy.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Michael Jackson and not Farrah. Makes me want to SCREAM!

They should have cut out some of that stupid dancing and so-called Steve Martin/Alec Balwin comedy crap and made the tribute longer. We lost so many wonderful, talented people last year. Disrespectful and phony. Typical Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Why would you expect anything less from the Acadamy? They honor people like Michael Jackson (a child molester), Woody Allen (a pedophile who has sex with his step-daughter) and Roman Polanski (a rapist). Why would they bother with Farrah, a succesful actress, charitable, a devoted mother, faithful friend---boring by their standards.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:51

This is true but there are so many more flattering pictures of her at that age why would they use one that is so “unflattering”?

That’s all I meant

She was beautiful at any age

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hey .... What about Danny Gans?

He was an actor you know. I can't understand why Chip Lightman - Danny's former manager, isn't screaming to "High Heaven". Danny was a Christian and deserves much better treatment than this!

Come on Chip... Have you already forgotten Danny? Make that call, Chippy!!

Anonymous said...

Tabloid Baby ... Did you really have to use that Farrah photo??? Photos of Farrah during her illness were more flattering than this one!

Another photo I can not stand is this one ...


Makes her look like Michael Jackson in a Farrah wig!


Anonymous said...

I e mailed the Oscars with the following, although I do not expect a reply nor acknowledgement, but at least I got it off my chest! .... Here is the e mail:

Dear Sir/Madam,

It it with DISGUST AND DISBELIEF for which I am e mailing you! ... To EXCLUDE Ms. Farrah Fawcett from your "In Memorium" segment was TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL ... not only to Ms. Fawcett, BUT to her supporters and fans!! ... YET to include Mr. Michael Jackson, instead, was TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE! ... Michael Jackson was an entertainer in the MUSIC INDUSTRY!

Once again, Ms. Farrah Fawcett has been disrespected by her piers in Hollywood, and overshadowed by Michael Jackson, not to mention how once again, the Oscars has proven to be the joke that it is!

I believe an apology to Ms. Fawcett's memory is required!


Anonymous said...

To exclude Farrah was a DISGRACE!
That was the only reason I wanted to even watch the Oscars and to see Farrah ONCE AGAIN overlooked made me sick!
It's a shame that a woman who fought to become a respected actress and did some amazing films was excluded.Not only did she do fantastic performances in Extremities and The Apostle, we can't forget she was in cult classics like Myra Breckenridge and Logan's Run,Saturn 3 and Sunburn.
The Academy should be ashamed!

Anonymous said...

What address did you email to?

Anonymous said...

I went through their website ... here it is ... there are also mailing addresses and telephone numbers for their offices:



Anonymous said...

I, too, contacted them:
To whom it may concern,
As a fan of stage and screen, I was deeply offended at your omission of Ms. Fawcett from the memorium. She was a talented, gifted icon to many generations and her greatest work was the ultimate gift and unfortunatly, her last. She was a member of the Acadamy, for goodness sake. I am angry, so I can only imagine how hurt and offended her family is. It is too late now, damage done, but this was disrespectful to her family, fans, her memory, her hard work. To say it was impossbile to include everyone is not an acceptable excuse. Please, there was plenty of 'filler' that could have been shortened to include a few more seconds of photos in your memorium.

I, as well as many of my friends, will not be watching next year. This was a disgrace.
(My name)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tabloid Baby for asking the Michael Jackson question, even though the response sucked.

Michael Jackson should receive his mentions when it's music time, not movie time. I am so sick and tired of Michael Jackson. And some stupid Doctor is going to pay the price and spend time in jail because of Michael. Michael is responsible for his own death not some doctor.

Farrah Fawcett deserves recognition. Now I am sure that Ryan's new "whatever" will get even more attention. But, at least he and Craig agree on this and NOW....HOURS AND HOURS LATER...STEWART SPEAKS. WTF is taking these "close" friends/lovers so much time to respond.

Shit the public was first to be outragged, as well as other actor/actresses, before O'Neal or Stewart could open their mouths. What took you two so long????? Had to figure out how to make money on this too?

Anonymous said...

Give it up everyone. Why not just acknowledge that she was a great actress and move on? Why is it that so many people focus on these trivial things when many "Stars" and "Heros" are dieing every day in a war that never should have even begun in the first place!!!!

Anonymous said...

When and Where did Stewart say anything?

I haven’t heard one peep out of Farrah’s “Best Friend” on this subject

Anonymous said...

Stewart gave a statement on Radar On-line.

Strange that both Ryan and Alana use Radar On-line?

Anonymous said...

What's so strange? Nevius is always talking to them, too.

Anonymous said...

As far as the RUDE comment on Farrah's picture
I would have to say it was the make-up and hair that is bad and a make-up artist did that for a fashion show Farrah attended.
Farrah was natural and the make up artist is at fault on that.

Anonymous said...

What they need to do is include her next year or some special honor out of respect!
Sorry but Extremities was probably the best performance's ever and I personally put that film and performance up there with Charlize Theron and so on!

Anonymous said...

Tatum,Ryan and Craig did but I have not read anything on Alana,but I will check to see and interested on her take on the Acedemy forgetting Farrah.

Anonymous said...

I just read Alana's statement on Farrah and the Oscars and though Im not on the side of Ryan or Alana I must say that Alana so far as made the strongest and honest comments and I liked that she basically called Leslie Ungers or whatever her name is a liar!
I have to give it up to Alana on this one since so far she's the only one who really said like it is.
Good for her!

Anonymous said...

The Academy's Executive Director, Bruce Davis told BBC news, Farrah was more of a TV star. More appropriate to honour her at the emmys.



Anonymous said...

Bruce Davis is a prick! He shouldn't be incharge of anything!

An apology was not given! That is not an apology. And Michael Jackson....what Bullshit!

The Oscars suck. Wonder how many of us will remember this when it's Oscar time next year?