Monday, March 08, 2010

Whoopi Goldberg pisses on the Oscars®

Everyone can debate the merits of the Academy Awards® show. For us, the most disturbing segment came during a commercial break in the Red Carpet lead-in show, with onetime host Whoopi Goldberg's extravagant and distasteful ad for pads that soak up her unexpected "spritzes" from bladder leakage. We couldn't shake off the image through the next three hours.


Anonymous said...

Whoopi spent an entire segment on The View last month, sharing her heartbreaking and embarrassing experiences living with this medical condition, from which she suffers; then her commercial for Poise ran in the next break. I forget if everyone in the audience got a free package.



I'm one of those women and I gotta tell you a lot of my women friends are having the same damn problem. Nobody talks about it. And, there is nothing that can be done about it except MAJOR SURGERY to lift the bladder and other stuff gravity isn't so nice to when one gets to be about 59 or 60....especially if you have had children.

I thought it was great and matter of fact I hope it helps me and lots of my women friends. We're tired of those thin pads that pull out your pubes!

Hope it's more comfortable than that. Oh, and by the way, I'm buying stock in that company....it's gonna be big.

Leady lady in New Orleans


Oh yeah, and thanks for posting this, I erased the awards and had to search the internet for the name of the product. Also, the commercial was very cool.



انفجن said...

haha this is very funny she always makes me laugh just see her face