Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Danny Gans of Des Moines hogs spotlight with Star-Spangled Bacon

Musical impressionist Rick Ludwig, the Danny Gans of Des Moines, Iowa, is not sitting by his phone, waiting for the call from Las Vegas to take the mantle of the fallen Strip superstar. He's out there working his "i-man show," with little of the Sin City production values but a hundred and ten percent of the talent and gumption it takes to get out there and conquer another crowd with a trunk of quick-change costumes, a sound system and an incredible voice as well as knack for mimicry.

This weekend it was the 3rd annual Blue Ribbon National Bacon Festival, where Rick, in his "Big Elvis" persona, brought home the bacon with The National Anthem.

Now, sure it's funny, with the guy in the pig suit standing behind the big Elvis. But take time and listen to Rick's voice (and hang in to the very end to watch the pig and hear Rick bring home the bacon at 1:30!). The man's got the goods-- and dozens of other voices. This is wholesome, family, Gansian entertainment.

Sez Rick: "It was a rush! The bacon-covered caramel donuts were awesome! Elvis really enjoyed it!"

Chip Lightman, make that call!

From Rick Ludwig's website:

What is the i-Man Show?

What does the "i" stand for? Good question. The "i" stands for Impressionist, which is defined one way by Merriam-Webster as "an entertainer who does impressions." And an Impression is defined as "an imitation or representation of salient features in an artistic or theatrical medium; especially : an imitation in caricature of a noted personality as a form of theatrical entertainment.

That's what Rick Ludwig does when he sings and does impressions of some of the biggest artists of yesterday and today, which include... Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Neil Diamond, Elton John, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, John Denver, Toby Keith, Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne and Joe Cocker just to name a few.

Rick's resourceful and comedic use of costumes and props for these artists brings life to his characters and accompanies his vocal talents to make for an "impressive" and unforgettable evening of entertainment.

Who is Rick Ludwig?

Rick Ludwig is one of the Midwest's best kept secrets when it comes to variety style vocal performance and impersonations of the greatest singers since the 1950s until the present. Rick sings over 100 different songs from over 30 different artists spanning over 50 years and he also impersonates many of these artists with costumes or hilarious props. Rick's incredible 4 octave range (from bass to falsetto) allows him to do almost any song made for a man (and them some).

Rick has performed (sang) at over 3,500 shows from 1990-present, including, but not limited to wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, corporate parties, karaoke shows, singing telegrams, senior citizen centers, nightclubs, casino shows and even funerals.

Rick began singing in public at a very young age of four in church, performing special numbers. The love for singing has always been in his blood! He is a natural when it comes to singing like the original artists and impersonating their famous moves! Rick has even been compared to the late, great Vegas entertainer/singer/impersonator Danny Gans, by some big fans of Danny's that saw his show several times.

Rick performs the oldies, classic country, new country (including hits on the radio today), classic pop and rock & roll songs and even contemporary Christian and gospel songs. He also likes to throw in a few Patriotic songs every now and then.

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Anonymous said...

You may be wrong for the first time, Tabloid baby!

This guy is way too good for Chip Lightman. Rick seems like he is a good guy with a great sense of humor, a lot of talent and deserves a much better manager.

Don't take his calls, Rick! Chip is desparate and will use you like he used Danny.