Sunday, March 14, 2010

Criss Angel is a dick

We don't have anything against Criss Angel, the Las Vegas Strip magician and stunt performer Cris Angel, but the news media of Las Vegas-- you know, the guys and gals who don't think the untimely death of Strip superstar Danny Gans is worth investigating-- hate the guy. They hate his show, they hate that he called Perez Hilton a "douchebag asshole" from the stage at the Luxor-- and they don't like his billboards!

Tabloid Baby pal Richard Abowitz (who also can't be convinced that the Danny Gans story is not only his turf but his responsibility, but he's not really a journo) points out on his Gold Plated Door blog that the current outdoor advertising for Angel's Believe show at the Luxor is a "local's joke" because, in the words of local import Holly Madison, it was "artistically rendered to look like a penis or medical drawing of a vagina.”

And you know, as you take a closer look at that stage curtain, the image does seem to be about as close to that Mom's Apple Pie album cover as you can get away with on a highway roadsign:

Us? We're more impressed with an alternative version that's made its way among various ads and websites. Look closely at this one:

Look at it from far away:

Look at it again-- and you notice the subliminal phallic imagery, and realize that the artists have turned Angel into a human penis-- with his head as the "dickhead."

Now that's a trick!


Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww.......but, I gotta agree with the guy--Perez Hilton IS a 'douchbag asshole'--no debate there!

Anonymous said...

You're crazy! I doesn't look anything like you're trying to make it out to be. You and everyone like you have twisted, perverted minds. You just love making Criss look bad. It makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think its funnier that when you look at the bilboard from far away the only words that really stand out are:
"Criss Angel" and

Thissalantine said...

Yeah it doesn't take a lot of work to 'make' Criss Angel look bad. The guy's a dick, and not even a dick of note. He's just a garden variety dick with a big mouth, no class, no talent, just bullshit and magic fingers. And thankfully, blessedly, he's on his way 'out' of the public eye. Bye bye asshole, teen girls move on to the next cute thaing in eyeliner.

Bx TF said...

Love love love me some Criss Angel. Hot, super talented, hot, super talented, H....O....T :)

LoveyDovey14 said...

It's 4 years later and he's better than ever!!! No bye bye. Love his big mouth, and he has class, is full of talent, no bullshit, and has lovely fingers that I've held before. Xoxoxo.