Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pray for Michael Lohan

We love Michael Lohan. He's been a Tabloid Baby pal from way back. He was even our Person of The Year for 2007. Our pals at Frozen Pictures shot and tried to sell a reality television series about the guy twice-- and would have sold it if Lohan hadn't wound up in prison the first time and then denied being part it of the second time (he was afraid of what Lindsay might think of his antics). Michael Lohan's full of energy and enthusiasm and in his own special way he really does care about his daughter. Plus he's got an amazing ability to get himself in news about every three days. His talent for working and manipulating the gossip media is unmatched and maybe even unprecedented (after all, he's the pesky, felonious ex-con father of a former rising acting talent yet he gets as much attention as one of the Jolie-Pitts). In fact, we have a Michael Lohan Google news alert to keep us posted, and were a little worried yesterday morning when we realized he hadn't made the news since the weekend when he announced his support of Lindsay's lawsuit over that baby milkaholic television commercial.

And then we read that he had a heart attack.

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