Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Solo Sex Game: The Death Bed

The Sun has the closest thing to a family-friendly money shot in the tragic story of BBC presenter Kristian Digby, who single-handedly put the term "solo sex game" into the popular lexicon after he was found dead from apparent act of auto-erotic asphyxiation in his posh East London townhouse this week: a photo of the 32-year-old millionaire host of To Buy or Not To Buy sitting on the "£8,000 designer bed where he was found dead... beneath a remote-control skylight by his boyfriend.... marks on one of his wrists consistent with being tied in what cops believe was a solo sex game that went wrong... a black bin liner and a belt were also in the bedroom featured in another BBC show To Build Or Not To Build."

Tragic, another lesson to bored celebrities everywhere and a reminder to never sleep atop hotel room bed covers.

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