Monday, March 15, 2010

The last video store

Pacific Palisades, the town where Sunset Boulevard meets the Pacific Ocean, and home to such diverse industry heavyweights as Steven Spielberg, Kate Hudson, Ray Liotta, Jennifer Garner, Martin Short, Steve Guttenberg, and, until yesterday, Peter Graves, is losing its last video store. The Blockbuster on the corner of Sunset and Monument never extended itself to the community, nor took advantage of its opportunity to cater to or promote the local Hollywood insiders and royalty, and as a chain store stuck in a small town was often staffed by sullen unknowledgeable employees who may as well have been working down the road at Quizno's. On Demand services and the Internet made the Blockbuster rental service obsolete, and it joins the hundreds of other Blockbusters flops that are selling the fixtures.


Kings Farmer said...

F**K the BB stores. Same crap here on First Ave. in Manhattan.

LA Observed said...

Pacific Palisades Loses its last video store:
With the local Blockbuster closing, Tabloid Baby blogs that the community at the far end of Sunset Boulevard from Downtown — home to Hollywood heavies such as Steven Spielberg, Kate Hudson "and until yesterday, Peter Graves" — will be without a bricks-and-mortar video outlet...