Friday, March 12, 2010

Farrah Fawcett planned Lee Majors reunion

Ryan O'Neal has claimed Farrah Fawcett in death, but had she survived, the icon actress would have reunited with her ex-husband Lee Majors.

Majors' manager Denny Bond says Farrah had been in secret talks about joining the former Six Million Dollar Man in a Las Vegas production of the play, Love Letters.

The pair, who split after six years of marriage in 1979, would have played ex-lovers who spend their entire lifetime trying to get back together.

Sez Bond: "We had many discussions with Lee and Farrah and we had planned on a Las Vegas opening and doing a Los Angeles charity performance for her soon-to-be established cancer foundation as the kick-off to the tour."

The show would have been produced by Craig Nevius, Farrah's television and documentary production partner who is a battle of lawsuits against O'Neal and company over his axing from Farrah's cancer documentary that became a tawdry (if Emmy-nominated) NBC News-affiliated special.

Sez Nevius: "Love Letters was the perfect stage play for the two of them. Lee would have played a conservative, no-nonsense politician who had been in love with his childhood sweetheart for decades.

"Farrah would have played his childhood sweetheart who grew up to be an eccentric, free-spirited artist. Farrah had a lot of ideas. She was excited about the whole thing. So was Lee."

Added one wag: "All that was left was to hire Greg Lott to run the souvenir stand in the lobby and the love would have been everywhere."

Farrah and Majors had been estranged for decades, but reconnected in the months before her death on June 25th.


Anonymous said...

TOTAL bullshit. Devius keeps putting out this crap because it's nothing more than his (useless) word against a dead woman. Move on mullet - your sad attempts to keep your name in the press if PATHETIC!!!!

Anonymous said...

And to prove how full of crap Devius is, if they had REALLY "reunited" why was he not at her funeral?? Because it never happened, she was not planning to do a play after she was diagnosed with cancer. She did not take on a single job nor consider one.

How many times will this site take his B.S. as gospel and make it headline news? Devius is an f'ing liar, proven over and over.

Move on you loser, your constant barrage of phony "stories" is boring. Get your facts straight already and Tabloid Baby - do a little research and get YOUR reporting right.

Anonymous said...

Is the Greg Lott thing a joke?

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Anonymous here ... I doubt this is a TRUE story! ... It does not make any sense!


Anonymous said...

That would have been great.
Im sure Lee would never have done what Ryan and Alana did to her.
Lee has much more class then Ryan will ever have.

Anonymous said...

Anon the reason certain people were not at Farrah's funeral was because Ryan handled the guest list.
As we all know now it was being filmed.
Ryan had no problem inviting the producers of ET who were the first to run wheelchair photos of Farrah before she died. remember the photos Farrah DID NOT WANT SEEN??????

Anonymous said...

Let's see, that's a tough one........should I invite the man who just sued me and my lover right before her death to her funeral?

Why would he do that?

Anonymous said...

Go to TMZ.com. There's a video posted May 23 of Lee being questioned at LAX. He says he didn't watch the doc, hasn't spoken to her lately, and "The whole thing was a little bit overdone". Doesn't appear they were on the greatest of terms.

Anonymous said...

11:30 says: "I'm sure Lee would never have done to her what Ryan and Alana did". So, now you people can see into the realm of 'what could have been'? Quit making shit up. I am a HUGE Farrah fan, but come on, how about what Farrah and Ryan did to Lee?? Quit sugar coating and twisting facts to TRY and make a certain few look bad. You people weren't there and you have NO RIGHT to judge.

Grow the hell up.

Anonymous said...

I am just sad it didn't happen.
Lee and Farrah together again would have been great.

Anon first and second post...
Maybe you would like to tell us how you know so much?

You are always asking everybody else: were you there, did you see, etc....so how the hell do you know anything.

I believe the article said "secret" meetings! So nobody knows if it's true. As for Lee and the LAX scene..again "secret" talks, why would he say something?

Anonymous said...

AND if you will check back...Lee was invited to the funeral. He wasn't seen arriving or leaving, but we don't know if he was there or not.

As for Craig putting this out: BS
He has better things to do than make up stories and put them here.

ANON 12:28 and Anon 12:33 (same person I'm sure) You need to grow up. Quit disputing ever single thing that is published. All it does is hurt "your" cause!

Anonymous said...

Well, the people that support and believe everypiece of gossip printed here aren't helping to make any 'big difference' either!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? The run-in at LAX with Majors was very brief, but "the whole thing was a little bit overdone" comment makes it quite clear what their relationship was. I don't know Majors, but I would assume he's a decent guy and wouldn't wish anything bad on anyone, but when your wife runs off with your best friend, it tends to change your feelings.

Anonymous said...

Lee Majors manager did confirm this to be true.

Anonymous said...

Anon Lee is not a Fame Whore and he was not out to exploit Farrah in anyway.
I took his comment about all the media attention being overblown was his way of saying leave her alone!
Lee knew she was not going to make it and probably did not want to get involved in the media circus.
I do remember it was reported that both Farrah and Lee's managers were in contact over the last few years and weather or not Farrah and Lee had anymore contact besides feb 2009,none of us will really know unless Lee says more on this topic.
I never seen farrah's phone records to say how often she and Lee spoke.

Anonymous said...

Lee trusted Ryan took "Look After" his wife. Guess Ryan went a little overboard. Farrah was not innocent either, but YES I believe that Lee and Farrah could have been planning to work together again.

Think about it...a boat load of money for both. AND they liked each other. And they worked well together back in the day!

Manager confirmed it...enough said!

Anonymous said...

To whomever keeps spouting "....enough said!" everywhere: If that is true, why do you keep talking?

Anonymous said...

On the comment about Lee saying the Farrah cancer thing being overblown,I have to agree I don't think Lee meant that in any disrespect towards Farrah.
Unlike Ryan and Alana Lee had more class and did not seek out interviews and so on after Farrah died and was more respectful and Farrah would have reacted the same way as Lee and not choose to write books and pose for the paparazzi every time a camera was around! But that's the difference between real stars and wanna be's! Wanna be's aka Ryan and Alana will seek any kind of media attention and real stars release a statement and remain private.

Anonymous said...

What Lee said was, after the reporter said "sad thing going on and all the lawsuits surrounding it" and Lee replied "the whole thing was a little bit overdone". He also said he hasn't spoken to her and he couldn't watch the special.

No one ever said he said her cancer was overblown.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:32 I do!
Ha, ha, ha, ha!!

Enough said jerk!

Anonymous said...

Good for you... Whatever therapy works.

Anonymous said...

This topic you want to go after Lee Anon on the other page.

If they were planning a reunion of some sort then why would he say anything to the press at LAX. I saw what was said and Lee did nothing wrong. Whether Craig Nevius would be involved...who knows! The comment about Lott, to me, is total BS.

If Major's manager confirmed it, then it is true! But your first two posts (as I have said before), only stirred the pot once again.
Congratulations!!! Your PR skills do need improvement. Maybe a class at a local college would be in order? Just a thought!

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Anonymous said...

Lee Majors' business manager and friend Denny Bond confirmed they Lee and Farrah were working on doing a play together and Lee Majors has recently confirmed he did not attend Farrah's funeral as he wanted to remember in his own way. He also said they spoke several times towards the end. What is there to dispute with such reliable sources?

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