Monday, March 01, 2010

Ryan and Tatum O'Neal, back in black

Ryan O'Neal, currently preparing a sequel to the Farrah's Story television special based on his on-off lover Farrah Fawcett's losing cancer battle, is photographed with his formerly-estranged daughter Tatum O'Neal at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

The pair were caught looking both festive and pensive at the American Society of Cinematographers 24th Annual Outstanding Achievement Awards.

Father and daughter last made headlines together in August, after Ryan O'Neal confessed in Vanity Fair magazine that he'd inadvertently "hit on" Tatum at Farrah's funeral.

The O'Neals have been estranged for years, at least since Tatum, 46, published her autobiography A Paper Life in 2004, describing her drug addiction, and a strained relationship with her father, painting a very unflattering picture of him.

The O'Neals starred together in the 1973 film Paper Moon, for which Tatum won a for Best Supporting Actress Oscar®. They've been estranged at least since 2004, when Tatum published an autobiography that described her horrific childhood and life of drug addiction.

Ryan O'Neal, 68, recently said he and Tatum have been trying to repair their relationship in the months since Farrah's death. In his recent interview with Alana Stewart's son Ashley Hamilton on Extra, he said he missed Tatum. In that Vanity Fair interview, however, he revealed he was still very angry at his daughter:

"She wrote a book— bitch! How dare she throw our laundry in the street for money!

"…She didn't call after Farrah's show! She'll have to explain that."


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Told you all two weeks ago they reconciled! So much for this site and all its crazies. I was right as I have been on SO many other matters. Whatever people.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter wants a relationship so get your head out of your ass and stop making it ALL about YOU

You fucked her up she dealt with it the way she dealt with it, she wrote a book

You can't unring a bell and you can't unfuck your kids

Man up and accept you were/are a lousy father and move forward

Jack Ass

Anonymous said...

OH RYAN, "That Bitch" AKA your daughter.
Now Tatum has her dad's attention for the time being and when he's done with her she can't take it out on Farrah like she did in the past.
I guess Ryan needs to make himself look as good as he can in the public eye and Tatum is just a pawn as always as she herself said on Larry King several years ago concerning Griffin.
I think Griffin is the only O'Neal that gave a damn about Farrah,but in my opinion they never deserved Farrah in the 1st place. This Family are nothing but a bunch of leeches who use drugs to avoid looking at their true selves. And to think Tatum did not call to see how Farrah was after the documentary just shows how much resentment she had for Farrah and has as much class as her father.
Oh well who cares about these two former actors and it won't be long before he throws her away again when he's done with her.
I wonder if she's apart of the Farrah sequel?
If so what a joke!

Anonymous said...

So much for the liar somewhere on here that said Ryan and Tatum weren't speaking. Looks like they're doing OK to me. Tatum seems to have been able to figure it out for what it is and forgive her dad and move on. She has REASON to--HE'S HER DAD. What's your excuse 'not to' Anons 9:47 & 12:02?? Get over yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Been there done that Anon 3:40

The story of “The Scorpion and the Toad”

It’s what’s in his nature he can’t help it, this isn’t a Norman Rockwell painting, just keep watching, you’ll see.

A leopard can't change his spots

Anonymous said...

It may be Hollywood but the ending won’t be any kind of Fairy Tale

Anonymous said...

Speaking doesn't equal reconciled people. He didn't even use that word.

Tabloid baby you forgot to include the quote where O'Neal said he regretted having so many kinds and wished he could take a few back.

3:40 has obviously never seen the movie Precious, or ever dealt with parents that physically, sexually, and emotionally abused their children. HE'S HER DAD? Bitch please!

Anonymous said...

What's even more pathetic at Farrah's funeral when Ryan tried to PICK HER UP, Tatum was asked about it and her comment was as if she enjoyed that in some sick way. I feel for the girl her dad fucked her head up so much that she can't even see how SICK that whole incident was and at a funeral!
I think Tatum enjoyed it to tell you the truth and for them both to find humor over that at Farrah's funeral makes me realize these people are sicker then I first thought.
I just hope Tatum does not join her dad and Alana in the Cash for Farrah career!

Anonymous said...

I hoped Tatum had more self respect.
She does realize Farrah being gone will not make her dad love her. Maybe when that finally sinks in her next book will be an apology to Farrah for the resentment she held against her!
She ripped Farrah on Barbara Walters 20/20 back in 2002,Oprah in 2004 and in her book and really should not have been at her funeral.
History will repeat itself and in time Griffin will be at his dad's side and Tatum will be out!

Anonymous said...

OMG, people. Same stupid shit over and over.

What is YOUR problem? Why the obession? Why are you obviously so jealous of this guy?

Anonymous said...

5:04 is one of Ryan's flunkie/fangurls.

Dear forgiveness doesn't give anyone a pass for shitty behavior or actions.

Again talking doesn't equal reconciled. Forgiveness is more about YOU and being able to move on with your life, then it is about the person you are forgiving.

Using 5:04's logic, if a father raped his daughter and she forgave him, he should get a pass right?

Anonymous said...

Don't twist my words. I never said it's ok to forgive a rapist. My point is, that whatever Ryan did to Farrah or Tatum, THEY forgave and chose to keep him in their lives. Could I for give someone for those things? I don't know. I was never cheated on or given drugs by a parent as a child, so I can't judge.

My question is, WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH, that still, 8 months after her death, you are still beating up on the guy? Talk about obsession.

Anonymous said...

Tatum looks GREAT, I have Always thought she was beautiful ! Dont get me wrong, she is not as beautiful as Farrah, but Tatum has something, She is quite beautiful..... especially in person.

Anonymous said...

“The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.” - Thomas Szasz

Let us hope that Tatum is the latter and not the former

Yes it is their option to forgive.

Can people truly change?
Yes, if they admit that they have faults that they are wrong and if they truly wish to change

Megalomaniacs rarely fall into this category

Farrah forgave for herself and her son, Tatum is forgiving hopefully to bring balance back to her life, forgiveness is to the benefit of the one doing the forgiving not the one being forgiven.

Ryan O’Neal has no redeeming qualities, he will never admit he is in the wrong nor will he ever apologize for his past actions, it’s all about him to the detriment of those around him, including his own children.

Anonymous said...

Love how anon at 5:43 responds to someone elses comment about how they are unaware of physical, sexual and emoitional abuse, and then calls the commenter a 'bitch'.
Try taking your own advise. Better to be thought stupid than to speak and remove all doubt. Oops, too late.

Anonymous said...

Tatum looks really good! (so does Ryan) Hope she stays healthy--looks much better happy! Ryan wasn't the greatest father, but he does make good lookin' kids!

Anonymous said...

To move on with life you "need" to forgive. With that said, this really doesn't show or tell anything other than they were seen together.

Ryan has been a horrible father. I too feel like he is using Tatum to help his reputation and will then toss her away. My only hope is that she doesn't get caught up in the drugs that Ryan seems to hand out like candy to his children.

Maybe Tatum will be able to help Redmond by talking with her father.
That would be a good excuse to "forgive" him.

I just pray for the kids. Ryan is a lost cause until he "mans up" and seeks forgiveness from everyone he has hurt! Then maybe he will have a chance too!

AND to ANON 9:45 - first post...you
are the one who starts the fighting on this site. You should be ashamed of yourself. Immediately you want to call people "crazies" and be disrespectful, yet you want respect for O'Neal. You need to grow up and choose your words more carefully and then maybe what you say will actually mean something and be heard!

Anonymous said...

6:37 the truth hurts honey. If you your ears and cankles are too sensitive to read that kind of language perhaps IVILLAGE is more your speed.

6:44 the question should be asked WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH. If you didn't care you wouldn't be on this blog defending Ryan every chance you can now would you love?

No dear, I didn't twist your words, you said you should forgive someone because THEY ARE YOUR FATHER. Whether or not someone is your parent is irrelevant as far as whether or not you forgive them. Forgiveness is not about excusing or forgetting anyone's bad behavior or the wrongs they have done you. It's about not letting that person have control over your live, and finding a way to move on for your own health and sanity.

Going by that, Tatum forgave her father a long time ago. She's doing great, but that doesn't mean she wants a relationship with her father.

Anonymous said...

You are a rude, egotistical bully and a coward. I bet your mama's proud. Adds immense credibility to your comments when your only point is to insult people you don't know. Score.

Anonymous said...

mongiseAnon at 6:47,
Yes, Bully Blogger, you ARE twisting my words. Tatum has decided to have a relationship with her father, for what reasons, I don't know. My point is, that he is her father, that she has a connection to him--an actual reason to either let him in or out. Why or what she chooses to forgive or forget is HER BUSINESS. I was asking why people HERE, strangers, are so obsessed with their hatred of him. If someone close to him can get past it, why can't you? THAT IS MY POINT--not that Tatum, or anyone for that matter, should 'forget' about things like abuse or rape.

Anonymous said...

p.s. don't have any idea why 'mongise' appeared befor the word anon on my comment.

Anonymous said...

I am the person who posted Wed. at 6:37.Sorry to disappoint you there, 6:47, but I have definate calf to ankle contour, but thanks for your interest. Your method of commenting only makes you appear ignorant and abusive--kinda ironic--the same qualities you accuse O'Neal of having. Maybe your related!?

So much for someone's theory on here that the insulting, trouble starter is a "Ryan person"....doesn't appear to be that way, does it?

Anonymous said...


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