Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Springtime for Sandra Bullock? Or D-Day?

With reports that Jesse James did his silly Hitler imitation at the time he was dating future Oscar®-winning wife Sandra Bullock, we've got ask what the unlikely pair had in common beyond their manufactured images of Everygirl actress and working class reality TV star. In wake of our post this morning on Sandra's German upbringing, at least one news organization that received a link is tiptoeing around the story and hinting that Sandra Bullock may be tarnished by the scandal-- without mentioning the elephant in the room (in much the same way early news coverage of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson avoided mentioning the interracial marriage-- look it up), which is the fact that she grew up in Germany, speaking German.

Seriously. What would Sandy and Jesse have to talk and laugh about over all those beers they'd throw back together like the ordinary folk we believe them to be?

We don't know the answer. We don't know if Jesse is any more of a Nazi enthusiast than Lemmy. And we don't know if the video above demonstrates a reason for the mutual attraction. We do know that the question will be asked. After all, the news media is known for turning on the ones they build up, and after all the sympathy Sandra's gotten so far, if she does indeed reconcile with her Nazi-cheating spouse, she can expect the worst.


Anonymous said...

Having a German upbringing does not a Nazi make. Sandra and her career will survive much better than Jesse and his...take that to the bank.

Sandra Bullock is like America's Sweetheart. She did not deserve what has happened to her...nobody does.

But when all is said and done she will be fine. To Sandra: Hold you head up high! You have done nothing wrong!

Khakjaan Wessington said...

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