Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lindsay Lohan watch: Bikini night shopping

We began our 2010 study of hard-living, hardly-working troubled and talented actress Lindsay Lohan by showing her as a prize at a billionaire's New Year's Eve party on the Caribbean island of St. Barts. We were moving on when we noticed that the 23-year-old had topped herself, leaving the host's yacht with her 16-year-old sister for a shopping spree in town, in heels and a bikini.

Of course, the shopping went on into the night.


Ex-Current Affair colleague said...

Burt, I knew ya many years ago and you were actually relevant. Thought I'd google you, see where you are. This is what you've become? That's just tragic. Obsessing on an ugly blog over Lindsay Lohan and some obscure Vegas mimic? You need to get back to doing something real. This is sad, old pal.

Sam Peters said...

Nice try, Steve, but ya gave it away, pal, with your continued use of the words "ya" and "pal"-- not to mention your focus on the site's aesthetics!

Congrats, pal, on the 2009 Journo award!

Ex-Current Affair colleague said...

Who's Steve?

Anonymous said...

Well “Ex-Current Affair Colleague” if you are an “Ex-Current Affair Colleague” why not just use your name so Burt knows who he’s talking to instead of the vague clandestine “Ex-Current Affair Colleague” title like you actually personally know the man and therefore have some kind of valuable insight into how the man works but no you use the “Ex-Current Affair Colleague” moniker as if to say “Hey I know Burt and I know how he USE to MATTER in this industry and now he’s just doing this bogus crap!” kind of identity huh? “Ex-Current Affair Colleague”????? Hummmm????

I think that’s what Sam is trying to say here “Steve“

Now Sam?

He is kinda right
What’s with the overboard coverage of Danny Gans?
Someone I’m sure was extremely talented but that nobody outside of Vegas knew?

And Miss Lindsay?

Please put that scarf around your waist honey; when it’s not posed that butt of yours ain’t all that to look at it’s too scrawny and kinda square

Ex-Current Affair colleague said...

Wow. Some of our mutual friends had warned me you'd lost your mind. Were they ever right. Bye, Burt. Sorry you've turned into this.

Sam Peters said...

Sorry Steve-o, once again you're hoist by yer own petard!

Quit pretending you're a real journo from the glory days!

Yer a bitter poseur who should never a messed with the best.

Pretending to be a vet from A Current Affair is like lyin about havin served in 'Nam, you moron.

And by the way, Mr. K's been on assignment since Sept, ya mutt, ya!

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Anonymous said...

Commenting "Anonymously"

Being able to express myself openly and freely

Blissfully ignorant to the "Big Brother" element hiding behind each browser

Each firewall
Each protection grid

You come along and “Pretend” to be someone you're not

Forcing his hand to show that you’re really not all that bright nor “Clever” and you take that all away from me

Thanks a lot Steve-O

I feel so

No fair peeking now Sammy