Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Seventh Python a hit in UK premiere!

The Seventh Python, the acclaimed, award-winning film about the acclaimed Bonzo Dog Band, Monty Python, Rutles and solo legend Neil Innes from our pals at Frozen Pictures, had its United Kingdom premiere over the weekend at the 2010 Slapstick Festival in Bristol.

"I really enjoyed it," reports one festivalgoer on the Neil Innes fansite. "A great representation of all things Innes! Fantastic, and great work with the animation! I hope this gets a DVD release, so I can get the chance to watch it again. Loads of laugh out loud moments lapped up by a very receptive crowd... Great closing credits as well, although the waffle recipe went a little to quickly for me to write it all down!"

The Saturday night screening at the Arnolfini Arts Centre in Bristol Harbor also featured a Neil Innes Q&A and performance. The Frozen filmmakers, director Burt Kearns and producer Brett Hudson, are on location shooting their latest project on iconic pop star Chris Montez and were unable to attend the historic event at the festival that made worldwide headlines with its award the previous evening to Monty Python star Michael Palin-- who also stars in The Seventh Python.

Our pals at Frozen Pictures tell us they've signed a distribution deal that could put The Seventh Python in theatres and home distribution in 2010.

And if you hear that The Seventh Python is showing at a film festival near you, let us know-- we'll pass on the word!

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Alison/guesswhofan said...

Congratulations on Python going over so well. I hope I get to see it soon.