Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exclusive: Birthday angel at Farrah's grave

A holographic angel has been sighted on Farrah Fawcett's gravestone at the Westwood Village Meorial Park. A Tabloid Baby reader sent along the photos of the eerie paperweight, marked with the words "Happy B'day."

While legal battles raged on around her legacy since her death on June 25th, the beloved Hollywood icon and original Charlie's Angel would have celebrated her 63rd birthday on Tuesday, February 2nd.


Anonymous said...

Kiko has done such beautiful tributes to Farrah.
She would be proud

Anonymous said...

She would be scared. Obsessed fans freaked her out.

Anonymous said...

Farrah responded to Kiko so many times that he has a collection! If he were an obsessed fan that she feared...she would not have signed/autographed many items and sent them to him.

Kiko's work is so creative and beautiful and Farrah Fawcett would not be scared!

She would be pissed though at all the things that are said on other sites!

Anonymous said...

Obsessed fans freaks out everyone.
That being said...Kiko is not obsessed he has admiration for Farrah in a good way a healthy way.
Farrah knew who Kiko was and was flattered by his devotion and love.
Let's face it with out people like that most real actors would be unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Exactly anon feb 1st 4:23 AM
Agree 100%

All this obsessed fan bullshit is just a way to devalue those who know and believe in Craig Nevious and knew/know Ryan,Alana and bernie are liars and scum.

Anyway Tomorrow is FF's birthday
Happy Birthday Farrah from all of your real fans and we know your in a wonderful place.
We will also continue your fight for truth something in your final months you were unable to do.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you think Farrah would consider 'real fans' people who continue to disrespect and name call her family and friends?

And, please, if YOU'RE (not 'your') going to continue to post over and over day in and day out, at least start using your spell check.

Anonymous said...

Tabloid Baby ... What's so EERIE about this paper weight???

I think it was a kind gesture, by who ever left it there!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Farrah: thefarrahfawcettfoundation.org website is up! Check it out and help her spread her word. Nice birthday gift!