Saturday, January 02, 2010

New year brings new details about the death of adoption hero Derek Loux

The website for the famly of Derek Loux has offered new information on the accident that led to the death of the Christian singer and adoption advocate on the day before Christmas Eve:

"Late in the evening on December 22, after attending a training seminar on how to save children out of the sex slave industry, Derek and his friend Jonathan (Oliver), began their return drive home from Colorado. They hit a patch of black ice as they drove through a Nebraska snowstorm (on Interstate 80 outside Cozad), causing their vehicle to spin out of control and flip several times.

"Derek was not driving the car and was sleeping in an almost completely reclined position. Derek was wearing his seatbelt, but when the car flipped, Derek was literally sucked out of his lap belt. Because he was reclined, his shoulder harness was not tight enough to hold him.

"Jonathan and a witness of the accident immediately performed CPR on Derek while waiting for the ambulance. Derek was given several different drugs to revive him and after an hour, he regained a pulse. The doctors told the Loux family that Derek had been without a pulse for over an hour and that while being transported to a larger trauma care hospital, his heart rate began to drop and he passed away.

Derek Loux was a missionary minister for the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri and incredibly influential in getting people to adopt special-needs children and hard-to-place orphans. He was 37 years old, married seventeen years to renee, and the father of ten childrebn-- eight of them adopted, several with special needs. His passing has been a blow to adoption advocates across the world.

His memorial can be seen live today
from 2-4:30 pm CST at

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