Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Danny Gans' drummer makes new impression with new impressionist

Members of the Las Vegas news media who do things differently when left to their own devices can pretend that Danny Gans was is a forgotten performer known to few outside their sin city, but his legacy lives on in the work of other artists, some with a direct link to the great musical impressionist who died suddenly eight months ago.

The very timely Tiger Woods parody performed above by impressionist Larry G Jones is getting big laughs at his show at the Royal Resort hotel just off the Strip between the Riviera and Encore (where Gans once ruled), and was written by Jones along with Raphael Erardy, who was not only Gans' drummer for two decades, but his close personal friend.

Jones tells JacksonNJ.com: "Raphael and I are working together on a new TV show project set to launch on a new cable station in March 2010 and to re-produce my live Las Vegas show to take it to the next level. Runaround Sue was already in my show as a completely different parody. When Raphael came to me with the Tiger Woods twist on the song I thought it was a great idea so we collaborated and came up with this final version.”

Like Danny Gans, Larry G Jones bills himself as a "corporate" and "clean comedian." While Gans was known as The Man of Many Voices, Jones is billed as "The Man of 1002 Voices."


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Anonymous said...

Raphael Erardy was one of Danny's many worst
" friends". A complete ass kisser and enabler. Don't buy the bull shit Larry... wake up!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous sounds like a disgruntled ex employee.... so sad..... The same that ripped off Larry for a lot of money I'm sure....

Anonymous said...

ANYONE that thinks that Larry is even in the same stadium ( not ballpark ) as Danny needs their head examined. Larry doesn't sound like a lot of the artists he does. There's a new guy out there that certain people have an interest in. I won't divulge his name while commenting on Larry. This guy will be the closest thing to Danny not Larry that you'll ever see. Keep your eyes and ears open, it won't be long.

Anonymous said...

Hey ... Im not sure I understand what your all talking about but I like the guy who starred in Reno for three years at Harrahs...Greg London .. GREAT VOICE ..really class act and very different that all the impressionist we have ever seen .. good luck Larry...

katty said...

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