Thursday, January 28, 2010

Attention, Steven Spielberg, Suzanne de Passe, Madison Jones and DreamWorks!

The grassroots campaign to get actor Antonio D. Charity a chance to audition for the lead role in DreamWorks' upcoming biopic of Martin Luther King is gaining momentum. On the eve of Charity's first preview performance in the Off Broadway play, Black Angels Over Tuskegee, fans and friends alike have been coming forward to attest to the actor's abilities, and his track record of portraying the civil rights legend in productions dating back to his high school days in Virginia.

The have appeared, among other places, on this site as well as the Facebook group that's pushing for producers Steven Spielberg, Suzanne de Passe and Madison Jones to give Antonio D. Charity a chance:

Antonio is one of the few actors that gives me goosebumps while performing. He is an amazing talent, friend and person, and will be outstanding in this portrayal!

I have to agree that Antonio D. Charity is the right actor to play the role of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He's has been portraying Dr. King since high school. There is no doubt that Antonio would be the most believable actor in that role.

I had the privilege of watching Antonio play Dr. King on stage when we were in high school together! Although I was just a girl, I still think of the moment where I saw Dr. King come alive before me every time I hear the "I Have a Dream Speech"! He is the only man for that role!

Antonio Charity is an amazing talent and the producers would be amiss if he was not seriously considered for this role.

As the director for ORANGE ALERT and the pilot for DISCOVER ME!, for which I was blessed to to have Antonio perform, I say Antonio would be a brilliant choice to play MLK.

I saw this great actor live on stage. When he transformed himself into Dr. King, I really thought he was Dr. King. Yes! Everyone Join this group!

Wassup Antonio D. Charity....I am 100% supportive of you at least getting the opportunity to audition for the MLK film. You seem very accomplished and driven so you should be given the opportunity to go for the film. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

I believe that Antonio would be an excellent choice to portray Dr. King, Antonio is a strong young man with a voice that can penetrate the mountain top. Dr. King had that same type of voice that when he spoke, all of your attention was focused on him, Antonio can generate that same type of atmosphere.

Sometimes there comes an actor, taking us all by surprise, and is the only true choice to play a MAJOR/ Leading role. antonio d.charity embodies such an actor.

You were born to play that role!

I saw you play MLK and you were terrific.

Antonio is definitely a contender and strong competition for this role. He is an intense, committed actor with extraordinary depth who can make this piece a beautifully memorable one.

Antonio D. Charity should have his dream come true. He's a wonderful actor and friend and I've seen him brilliantly portray Dr. King, as well as seeing him in many other plays.

I have seen Antonio D. Charity play Dr. King in "The Meeting" and he is amazing... but more than that, Antonio is an amazing man, who spends his time helping others and dedicates his life to issues that would make Dr. King proud... I've seen Antonio, in numerous plays both in New York & LA and he always impresses with his talent, and keen intelligence. Someone at Dreamworks please contact him.

Black Angels Over Tuskegee begins previews at the St. Luke's Theatre on West 46th Street on Friday January 29th. Opening night is February 15th, and the show is set to run through March 28th.

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