Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Other Woman testifies in classic tabloid love triangle sex murder trial in Texas

A classic tabloid love triangle murder trial is playing out in a courtroom in a classic tabloid town: in Waco, Texas, a preacher is on trial for murdering his wife because he was having an affair with the choir director's daughter.

Former Baptist minister Matt Baker is charged with killing his wife Kari in 2006 during what he he'd told her was going to be a romantic and frisky evening. He allegedly gave her some "sexual enhancement pills" that were actually capsules filled with Ambien, handcuffed the drugged woman her to the bed on the pretense of "spicing things up," and then smothered her with a pillow until she was lifeless and dead.

The Other Woman was on the witness stand today Twenty-seven year-old Vanessa Bulls said she started seeing the 38-year-old preacher about two months before the death of his wife. She denied any involvement in the killing, but said Baker had talked about offing the missus and making it look like a suicide. Bulls said she never went to police because she was afraid of exposing the affair, afraid of getting in trouble and afraid of him.

She continued dating Baker for several months afterwards, and testified that when she broke up with Baker and urged him to turn himself in, "He became irate... He said, 'I killed my wife for you and now you're leaving?'"

Vanessa Bulls testified with immunity.

The death was originally ruled a suicide. Baker's attorney says it only became a murder when prosecutors learned of the love affair. The former minister faces life in prison.


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