Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Everybody's naked in the Daily Mail

It's a banner morning for the Daily Mail. The paper's website is filled not only with paparazzi photos of celebrities in bikinis, but naked shots of all sorts of women we've never heard of. What's up with that, Sadie Frost, Hannah Waterman, Lisa Scott-Lee and Tara Lynn?

Plus Kate Moss:


Anonymous said...

Wow REAL women looking fabulous “Naked”

Super Model looking “Nightmarish” clothed

I guess you can call that “clothed” makes me wanna puke

Who is that STUNNING Rubenesque beauty in the #3 spot?
The one that looks like a plump Brooke Shields?

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Burt , I like the 3rd one too. And I really usually do not like them too big to pick up. But who is she? Thanks--Barry Stagg

Anonymous said...

More here


More of the big girls here said...

Click above.

Anonymous said...


That sagging ass of Kate Moss' is just giving me the hebbie jebbie's

Discusting that is what people concider "Attractive"? Yuck!

See what airbrushing can do for a gal?