Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tabloid Justice: "Murdering minister" guilty

A jury found former Baptist minister Matt Baker found guilty last night of murdering his wife by smothering with a pillow after handcuffing her to the bed and drugging her with what he told her were "sexual enhancement pills" but actually turned to be Ambien.

We told you the other day about the trial playing out in Waco, Texas, and called it "a classic tabloid love triangle murder trial in a classic tabloid town: a preacher is on trial for murdering his wife because he was having an affair with the choir director's daughter."

The local press got on board, dubbing the 38-year-old Baker "the murdering minister" Baker's 27-year-old girlfriend Vanessa Bulls took the stand Tuesday and claimed Baker had talked about killing his wife and making it appear to a suicide (suicide was the original police finding). Bulls denied having anything to do with the plot. Nevertheless, after the stepped down from the witness stand, she was suspended from her teaching job.

The trial lasted six days. Prosecutors called 28 witnesses. The defense called one, an expert who discussed DNA evidence. Matt Baker gave several high-profile media interviews before the trial to proclaim his innocence but did not testify in his own defense. The jury deliberated around seven hours. The penalty phase of the trial is underway right now. Already, several women have testified about aggressive sexual encounters with the convicted man who faces life behind bars.

Justice moves swiftly, if not hastily, in Texas.


Anonymous said...

"In Texas if you kill someone we will kill you right back" - Ron White

Anonymous said...

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