Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Onstage: See the man who would be King

We told you about Antonio D. Charity, the up-and-coming actor who wants to play the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King in the DreamWorks motion picture that's now in development. That's a tall order for a relatively unknown actor, but Charity definitely has the chops, as he's demonstrated on prestige television shows like The Wire, and the play, The Meeting, in which he portrayed Martin Luther King.

Now there's a chance for scouts from the DreamWorks project to see Antonio D. Charity at work, onstage.

Antonio is headed to New York City, where he's starring in the Off Broadway play, Black Angels Over Tuskegee, about six black pilots during World War II.

The play runs at the St. Luke's Theatre in the heart of the Theatre District at 308 West 46th Street.

Antonio has the lowdown:

"I'm in a play called 'Black Angels Over Tuskegee', written and directed by Layon Gray. It is produced by The Black Gents Of Hollywood, a theatre company based in Los Angeles. 'Black Angels Over Tuskegee' is the story of the Tuskegee Airmen. It is this generation's 'A Soldier's Play.' It chronicles experience of 6 black pilots during WWII. We won an NAACP Theatre Award for "Best Ensemble". We performed at the National Black Theatre Festival in North Carolina, onboard the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage celebrity cruise, at the Tuskegee Airmen National Convention in Las Vegas, at the California African American Museum and at several other venues.

"Now we are headed to New York for an Off Broadway run at St. Luke's Theatre on 46th Street. This is my return to the New York stage after a 5-year adventure in Los Angeles. I last performed Off Broadway in Playwrights Horizons' 2004 production of Lynne Nottage's 'Fabulation'. 'Black Angels Over Tuskegee' begins previews on Friday January 29th. Opening night is February 15th, and the show closes March 28th. Please spread the word and plan to be there. This is an amazing play! It is a must see. I hope you can make it. Thanks for your consideration."

As for Antonio's ambitions to play Martin Luther King?

He tells supporters on the growing Facebook site:

"Thank you all. I just wanna shot, a chance to walk in the room and show 'em what I'm workin' with."


Pink Slip - Part 1 - Suzie said...

Antonio D. Charity should have his dream come true. He's a wonderful actor and friend and I've seen him brilliantly portray Dr. King, as well as seeing him in many other plays. Therefore, last night on my Muriel Campbell twitter page I began a campaign listing the top 10 reasons why Antonio should play Dr. King....since I'm not as funny as David Letterman, & don't have a team of writers....I need your help. If you've ever wanted to write a top 10 list, please send me your top 10 reasons at infoatPinksliptv@gmail.com or start your own list on twitter or Facebook.

Tige said...

I have to agree that Antonio D. Charity is the right actor to play the role of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He's has been portraying Dr. King since high school. There is no doubt that Antonio would be the most believable actor in that role.