Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Insider blasts Howard Stern's hypocrisy in Artie Lange suicide try

"Stern's nauseating rants over his love and support for Lange have become the only entertaining part of the once-popular radio show."
-- Chaunce Hayden

We've gotten the expected backlash from the last remaining servile fans of Howard Stern who've taken umbrage and offense-- and even called us "disrespectful"-- for suggesting that the former radio star's exploitation and humiliation of the heroin- and cocaine-addicted alcoholic, obese, slovenly pathetic comedian Artie Lange-- on air, in the privacy of satellite radio and in life-- may have contributed to the the self-hatred that led the 42-year-old self-described "baby gorilla" to stab himself nine times with a 13-inch Wolfgang Puck kitchen knife in an attempt to end his sad life.

It took a few days for the morons to find our posts and blast back their indignation from their mothers' basements, but they did respond, as we knew they would, because our statements that Howard Stern is no longer an important figure in popular culture since his sellout to a miniscule paid satellite radio audience is equivalent to leaving an open trash can in raccoon country. They pick up the scent and hop in with reasoned arguments like:

"You sir are a FuckNut!"

"your a fucking moron. Stern "invisible....ok, who else could have caused the merger of two satilite companys....and, pretty sure no one would pay to read your lame ass blog. Fuck u"

"You are a Fuck Nut as Robert said.. You have no clue of what the show is about and how Howard truly feels about Artie. Do you really listen to the show? I would say not, due to your lack of knowledge. Save the few brain cells you have remaining instead of burning them up on writing this shit blog!"

"Your completely uneducated rant about both Artie and Howard makes me sick. What is your problem? Howard has been nothing but caring and generous with Artie throughout his 9+ years on the show.... His problems are his own and have nothing to do with Howard. You are an idiot and shouldn't speak about things you don't know about. You obviously have no soul or compassion. Dick."


So it's worth noting we're not alone in suggesting that the multimillionaire Stern take some responsibility for the deterioration of his fool that took place before his very eyes. In the new issue of his New Jersey nightlife magazine Steppin' Out, Tabloid Baby pal, gossip veteran and former Stern regular (until he misspoke, offended the former king and was banished) Chaunce Hayden lays it out in an editorial titled "Stern's No Bro":

"...Lange's 350th cry for help at the unmerciful expense of his mother really isn't surprising. What is surprising is the crap his boss, Howard Stern, has been spewing since TMZ first broke the news of Artie's latest performance. Stern's nauseating rants over his love and support for Lange have become the only entertaining part of the once-popular radio show. Even though Lange has showed up for work high, fell asleep on the air, attacked co-workers and lied about his absence, Stern has vowed to stand by his bro. So, it only makes sense that the caring 56-year-old radio personality would reach out to his troubled "bro" during Lange's personal turmoil but such off-air love is far removed from any Stern reality.

"Since Lange's failed suicide attempt, Howard has neither called nor visited his faux friend. I once reported that Stern was an asshole for blowing off producer’s Gary Dell'Abate's dad’s funeral. Stern angrily fired back, blaming his absence on his fiancĂ©, Beth Ostrosky, claiming she sprained her ankle. Just curious who Stern will blame this time…"


Anonymous said...

What a non story. You sound like a jilted ex lover. This is too close to comment for Stern and you use your blog to attack. I'm not the only one that reads this and sees a poor soul looking for validation.
i will pray for you.

Fellow Stern hater

Anonymous said...

Can't you people see that the writer of this blog is saying these outrageous things to generate buzz? Ignore it and it will go away. If he/she/it does mean these things, the level of vitriol here smells of insane jealousy. The writer only wishes he/she/it worked for a real news media outlet and not some lame blog.

Anonymous said...

2 comments... that's hysterical
I would get more comments if I posted Howard's name on a Facebook page. Holy shit this cracks me up, 2 comments!!!