Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lost fans wash up on Tom Sawyer's Island

The folks who run Disneyland are witnessing the fallout from their decision three years ago to dilute the classic timelessness of Tom Sawyer's Island with product-placement promotion for its Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. A petition by fans of the television series Lost for a show-themed Disney attraction has led to suggestions that the Tom Sawyer refuge is the obvious location.

The online petition is not slick by any means. In fact, in its address to "Televsion and Disnet Fans," it's not even spellchecked:

"LOST is one of the best television series to ever be broadcast on television. Disney should give this awesome show it's due and create a LOST Island attraction at one of it's Disney theme parks. Just think of the locations that can be immortalized in a Disney location.

- The Frozen Donkey Wheel behind the Orchid Station testing chamber.
- The Swan station and Hatch ride
- A submarine ride to Palu Ferry.
- Dharmaville Barracks.
- Smoke monster
- Ruins
- Jacob's Cabin
- The Egyptian Statue and Jacob's Lair"

The petition is closing in on two thousand signatures even though the Lost television series does not appeal to kids or, beyond the "Thumb Guy," wide popular culture. Its network, ABC, is owned by The Walt Disney Company, however, and there is a chance that someone within the corporate structure tought it a good way to drum up publicity for the show as it nears its finale in May (deliberately throwing in the misspellings to appear more grassroots).

The knock of sacred Mickey Mouse, Tom Sawyer and Uncle Walt Disney can also be placed in a wider context. The latest promotions for the show parody da Vinci's portrait of Jesus Christ at the Last Supper.


Anonymous said...

Great photo of Doug Bruckner!
How and where is he?
Thanks--Pvt Edwin Jennison

Jon Stueve said...

well, sadly, as the writer of said horridly misspelled petition, Ima gonna have to squash your conspiracy theory.

All the typos are mine, and it started as a funny idea, and got the attention of Doc Jensen so I dashed off the quick, and dirty petition.

Darn thing can't be edited once it's 'out there' so it'll be on my tombstone, I'm sure.

I get no proceeds from ABC/Disney/BadRobot ... but the buzz earned me a free lunch.

Thanks for your support!