Saturday, January 12, 2008

Latest, nudest Bond Girl is fit to be tied

Model and actress Olga Kurylenko was unveiled this week as the latest Bond girl, set to star as a character called Camille alongside Daniel Craig in Bond 22, set be released in November. But not unveiled totally. The announced signing of the Ukranian set off the usual barrage of scantily-clad lingerie shots that are quite fitting for the PG-13 franchise, but a little digging shows that Olga has already amassed a skin portfolio that past Bond Girls wouldn't have racked up until after they made their Bond splash and had few places to go but Playboy.

But this is the new Bourne Bond era and like Bond 21's model, the rough-and- ready Eva Green, Olga is rough and tumble as well. Tomorrow's News of The World unearths video from a S&M art film she got tied up in few years back, and writes about her with a true tabloid elegance all too rare in this age of crass corporate porn-pushing gossip sites:

...After that steamy X-rated bondage scene in French movie Le Serpent, Ukrainian Olga is ready for any tight spot she lands in with star Daniel Craig.

And she teased fans eager for James Bond's as yet untitled 22nd big-screen hit, confessing she LOVES stripping for the camera.

"Taking my bra off has never been a problem for me—as long as it makes the film more enjoyable," giggled 28-year-old Olga, who trained as a pole dancer for one daring role.

"I've gone topless in nearly all my movies, including Hitman and The Ring Finger."

And that bondage scene?

"I find it quite beautiful," she said. "It's a form of art."

So nice to meet a girl who really enjoys her work. Sounds like money for old rope...

Poetry, no? Anyway, for more of Olga, in many NSFW poses, check out this misguided Tabloid Baby tribute site, here.

British bird Gemma Arterton nabbed a role as "Fields" in the Bond flick now in production, but the 21-year-old's CV is not so ripe.)


fleshbot said...

James Bondage

Olga Kurylenko: A Bond Girl We're Truly Happy to See "Bound"

In the world of James Bond, girls come and go, and only a few leave their mark in our erotically malfeasant repertoires (and typically, it's the Bond girls of yore, busty and oozing the sexy we lick up like Cheez Whiz on a highly refined spoon). But Olga Kurylenko, the newly-announced Bond girl (for November's Bond #22) may just surpass the rest in one hot, tied-up minute as it seems she has exactly the kind of past we can get behind, in front of and just generally all over: it seems Ms. Kurylenko has a taste for shibari (rope bondage, at least in on past video) and no issues with sharing the boobage. As it should be: we hope this takes Bond back to his roots, when Bond's were sexy and the girls were... sexier.

FHM Lithuania said...

Olga Kurilenko

Jeigu tu dar nematei naujosios Bondo merginos nuogos nei "Hitmane", nei internete, pagalvok dar kartą. Rask šiame puslapyje nuorodą į jos nusirengimus.

Anonymous said...