Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tabloid legends: Lewis Bailey & Mickey Rooney

Television journalism legend Lewis Bailey meets show business legend Mickey Rooney and his wife Jan last night at the presentation of Rooney's Let's Put On A Show (85th Anniversary Edition) at the Ellijay Auditorium in Ellijay, Georgia.

Says our pal and country & western music expert Lewis of Bailey Mountain, Georgia (well-known as the best news and feature cameraman in the USA and Tabloid Baby's eyes on The South): "I think I just got a glimpse of what made Louie B. Mayer tick. Mickey Rooney at 87 is still a benchmark few get near in entertainment. And Mickey's wife Jan, can sing! She ain't just a side kick. Boy what a show!

"And look at his tour (here)! This would kill anybody else. And if you notice, our tour date was an add on-- was not on his promo tour info and the place was a sell-out. The place was full of young and old. There was not an age group. He did not have anything to sell-- no CD's, no programs, no nothing. It was total entertainment."

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Anonymous said...

Mickey Rooney 70 years later, still singing and putting on a show. There is a happy side to Hollywood.