Sunday, January 06, 2008

CBS' 34D Lara flaunts what Katie Couric cannot

That Lara Logan is the kind of "chief foreign correspondent" we like. She's got a Marvel Comics name, an exotic accent and doesn't have a mug like Christina Amanpour. And now the sexy CBS newsgal, star of the Katie Couric evening news show, and former bikini model known in the British tabs as "34D Lara," is making news for landing an exclusive interview with Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf for tonight's 60 Minutes.

Lara has worked hard to pretend to try to escape the sex kitten image and her swimsuit modelling past, so it's ver-r-r-r-ry interesting that in a nod to all the perv-ez among her fanbase, she and the CBS publicity machine included in the latest "how I got that scoop" story that Lara was "vacationing on a beach near her South African hometown when she received a message on her BlackBerry telling her of the (Bhutto) attack in Rawalpindi," and that when she arrived in Pakistan for the major news coup, "her suitcase with bikinis and other beachwear made it to Islamabad; the suitcase with the rest of her clothes did not."

Sorry. Did you miss that?

"Her suitcase with bikinis
and other beachwear
made it to Islamabad."

Now, that's Tabloid 101! And that's a shot across the bow. Who needs a Burberry when you travel on assignment with a suitcase full of bikinis? And, as we've been advising in our free consultation to CBS News since the days Katie Couric (left) was first being considered for the Evening News gig, who needs Katie when you've got a real, fearless, experienced globetrotting 21st century superstar sexpot reporter with such a great future behind her?


Anonymous said...

any better pictures?

Anonymous said...

Oy. The stripping down of network news.

Anonymous said...

There are much better swimsuit photos of Katie Couric than the tiny one posted here. Those photos show her to have a terrific fifty year old MILF body complete wth a set of formidable funbags.