Monday, January 21, 2008

Capone heading for a hit in Hollywood

Meet Dominic Capone III, an actor out of Chicago whose bloodline makes him particularly suitable for roles of a certain stature, the same way the Barrymore line made Drew a natural for the Charlie's Angels classics.

Dominic Capone wasn't born in Hollywood or in a suitcase, but on the southside of Chicago, Illinois, where, 80 years earlier, his great uncle Al built the most ruthless and powerful crime empire of all time.

And now, with an identical resemblance to his great-uncle right down to the same suit size, Dom is establishing himself as a fine working actor who's even portrayed the original Scarface in the acclaimed series, "The Real Untouchables," along with other high-profile roles-- including a mobster turn R. Kelly's endless Trapped In The Closet video soap opera (Chapter 21) and even some surprising non-Mob jobs that demonstrate his range.

Our bigtime movie producer pal Keith Walker turned us on to 32-year-old Dominic Capone as a top talent to watch out for in 2008. And Keith should know. The Hollywood veteran has set himself up in Atlanta, where he's producing some top projects including Lynch Mob, "a horror movie with a Mob twist."

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