Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Idol pulls a fast one: Tattooed 'Carly Smithson' is actually failed professional pop star Carly Hennessy

American Idol saved the biggest lie for last in last night's San Diego audition show. The young woman who showed up "from Arizona" with the sleeve tattoo and boyfriend with the face tattoos, was identified as "Carly Smithson," a poor girl who missed her chance in Season 5 because her Irish visa didn't come through (translation: she's not even "American"-- betrayed byher strained attempts to hide her brogue). Well, Carly Smithson is actually Carly Hennessy, the "ringer" we've been hearing about for the past week-- the contestant that Idol producer Nigel Lithgoe predicted would win.

He should know. Carly Hennessy-Smithson (seen above) is no amateur. In fact, she's the gal who'd signed a multi-million dollar, six-album contract with MCA Records (Vivendi Universal) in 2000. She reportedly got a $100,000 advance and living expenses for two years while MCA spent $2.2 million on recording and promoting her album Ultimate High, that flopped.

Coincidentally, one of the songs on the debut album from the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, just happened to have been featured on Ultimate High.

Carly's one of several singers on this season's Idol who've had bigtime contracts and chances in the past, and her story has been well publicized this past week, so it's strange that Idol producers would be so blatantly deceptive. and the stealth activity is far more serious than last year's shenanigans with Jordin Sparks, who was delivered to the auditions by sponsor Coca Cola. It seems that as the show's charm fades and talent pool gets more generic and annoying, the producers are pulling strings and deceiving viewers in order to re-create a proven commodity and make some money on the musical end.

!!EXCLUSIVE UPDATE!! How Carly can win!!
(or at least get our vote!!)


Anonymous said...


Idol's on its last legs. This is a sad attempt to get some decent talent and ratings. They'll probably welcome the internet storm of complaints.

Anonymous said...

fyi, carly is a hardworking waittress at a local pub who sang her heart out for two years for pennies to the utter enjoyment of many patrons who paid no cover . I personally passed the hat for her one night because I have so much
respect for her hard work & talent.
So give a nice girl a break & just let her sing to the world , you'll be glad she did. Marie N.

Anonymous said...

This girl worked in a bar as a waitress to pay her way has sang for buttons so she obviously loves music whats wrong with that????
Its what she loves to do obviously so give her a chance.
All the Irish americans will be behind her as Ireland and America have such a bond.

princess paddy said...

OK Tabloid Baby, wanna know the facts ? Or are you all about copy and past internet crap ! She did not have $2.2 million spent on her or all the fancy extras that go with having a "deal". A demented revengeful journalist wrote a story that was all crap and it went wild all over the papers internationally saying all this stuff about Carly. So as usual everybody jumps on board and believes all they read. Bull Bull Bull. Do yourself a favour, go down to the pub where she sings her heart out on a Saturday night like the majority of singers looking for that break and see if she can sing ! She has no record deal and wants one just like all the other hopefuls. And by the way there is a constitution in place in case you don't know and when you marry an american man you are entitled to live and work in America. Ever heard of John F Kennedy ? Thank you . I rest my case ! Go Carly. You're a friggin legend girl ! The owner of the pub will be missing out !

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw Carly's audition she is married to Todd Smithson I would guess that's why she used that name, I also think she is very genuine. She deserves some luck she had a deal before and made no money that's probably not her fault, she has a fantastic voice and probably the best in America. What you fail to say is that her career was lunched at the same time that America suffered the second biggest attack since `Pearl Harbour,(911) around that time nothing sold and her album failed to make an impression great that it was. Many other established artists did not sell either at this time. I think she deserves a break just imagine that you owed 2.2 million $ because your album did not sell, remember record companies recoup their losses and artists are ripped off big time. I hope she wins I think she is great and i think your being nasty to her unfairly, God knows it's hard enough to have any success and she deserves it because she is talented and been through the mill try to feel for her and put yourself in her position. I wish her every success, give her a break.

Anonymous said...

She needs to go back to Ireland, after all Americans cant go to Ireland and work. Besides now that the setup is out of the bag continuing on with the setup and letting her win is impossible now. But I'm sure thats what they had in mind.

Anonymous said...

She may deserve a break, but "AMERICAN" idol is not the place. This if for undiscovered amatuers not record company retreads. For her to be there is an insult to the viewing audience and the real contestents.

Anonymous said...

It shocks me how a country made up of so many races, colours and creeds has so many ignorant people. She is married to an "American" (who i'm sure has family from other countries), she has every right to live, work and succeed in another country, just like anyone else. If that is the only so-called valid argument people have against her, it looks like sour grapes to me. She's a talented girl, that has nothing to do with her nationality.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anyone complaining about the Australian in the competition. Get off the anti-Carly kick, give her a chance to prove herself on stage. If you don't like what you hear then you can vote her off.

Anonymous said...

Carly is amazing. Carly has an amazing voice, and wonderful stage presence. Carly deserves a break.
Carly obviously knows how to work hard for a living.
I hope you sweep the boards Carly.

Orla said...

To the person who said Americans can't work in Ireland, well they can if they're married to an Irish person. At this rate, I'm not sure why anyone would want to be married to an American! You see how crazy that sounds? That's how crazy some of the people posting here are sounding. And don't you think there's a huge difference between being sponsored by Coca Cola and having a failed album? One smacks of hype, the other smacks of effort. You Americans, you're crazy, no one is going to do well on American Idol unless they're good. You've kept her in the competition. The number of votes are not replicated in any other singing competition in the world and it's a brilliant show. If you've got such a bitch with Carly, vote her off.

Orla said...

To the person who said Americans can't work in Ireland, well they can if they're married to an Irish person. At this rate, I'm not sure why anyone would want to be married to an American! You see how crazy that sounds? That's how crazy some of the people posting here are sounding. And don't you think there's a huge difference between being sponsored by Coca Cola and having a failed album? One smacks of hype, the other smacks of effort. You Americans, you're crazy, no one is going to do well on American Idol unless they're good. You've kept her in the competition. The number of votes are not replicated in any other singing competition in the world and it's a brilliant show. If you've got such a bitch with Carly, vote her off.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, as other people have said on this issue, many of the Idol contestants who make it to the finals have essentially already had a shot at stardom, whether it was Kelly Clarkson's record deal that didn't end up producing anything, or others who don't make it on their own, change their name or their image and try again. Don't you want the best singer to be able to produce an album, I do, regardless of other chances they've had. One could argue Jordin Sparks didn't need the show at all, I'm sure her former pro-football player-dad has SOME connections in the music industry, and maybe that's what got her on the show. The thing is, it's entertainment,like the rest of these shows, the line between amateur and professional will remain blurred in the arts as shows like Idol, Project Runway, SO you Think You Can Dance, and others - pop up.

Chase said...

For the record, from one fellow Irishman to all you Irish out there blindly supporting Carly, WAKE UP, she's NO ONE WORTH SUPPORTING!

Has everyone failed to notice her lack of creativity? Has everyone failed to notice that, besides (in the words of the judges) singing very "nicely" she has nothing to offer the musical world?

The reason her album went nowhere is because she is utterly forgettable. She attacks every song in the same dreary way, with the same level of non-emotion. She thinks just because she has pipes that it makes her a great singer, which it most certainly does not.

I'd say she's a modern day Debbie Boone, someone who can sing, has decent range and sings in an empty, hollow, emotionless and I dare say BLAH way that leaves one cold on the inside after hearing it.

Anonymous said...

WOW...I just wanted to know if Carly had recently gotten married because I didn't realize she was married until last weeks show, but somehow I stumbled onto this crap! Apparently there are WAY too many people stirring up some stories...I'm not even sure what to believe anymore! Can't we find anything better to do?? Don't you all have jobs? Regardless of all of this, I think Carly has a beautiful voice and she deserves to be there just like the rest of them!

luke220 said...

Ok, I'll say it. The reason she was in the bottom three last night was the looks of her friends and husband. Sorry, face tattoos weird me out, and many others I'm sure. She's a good singer but the show is a popularity contest, and people don't like the tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Simply put....The tattoos are a turn off!!!! In my opinion, she is not American Idol material...

Anonymous said...

Check out the details of her earlier video. The reason it went no where is the subject matter. Decent people are turned off by all that trash...and now she's attempting to pass herself off as a "little miss goody shoes"...get with the program, America.

Barahir said...

Her album came out in 2000 and flopped. Since then she has worked hard just like everyone else, ending up waitressing and performing in a pub. I don't see how a flopped record 8 years ago, in any way, negates her ability to compete in American Idol. I have a friend who "cut a CD" in high school and actually sold about $100k worth of them. I certainly would still call him "undiscovered."

Anonymous said...

Fully agree 100% that the tattoos are disgraceful and a tremendous turnoff....even worse when we get subjected to pictures of her husband who has totally disfigured his body so hideously that nobody would ever hire him so he will always be a "tattoo artist", a fad that is quickly on the fade out. What was once a competition to find new talent, and fresh-faced ingenues, has become a repository for tired old hacks who have already had their kick at the can and failed, and circus act tattooed ladies.

J McDade said...

Talent is talent, which Carly does have. Look past the body art and really listen to her voice, it will tell you real talent amongst, the rest of the pack

Anonymous said...

congrats carley, i think youre great, have a great time on american idol, cannot vote because i live in EIRE, so go n-ére an t-adh leat,,,,,JJ

Anonymous said...

Carly gave me a blow job in the bathroom of the pub this one time. She even swalloed. Therefore, I can say that she sucks.

Mike said...

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Anonymous said...

Carly has the best voice in AI7. She like anyone else deserves a second chance whether or not a previous album flopped. She is not only a very talented singer but is a very beautiful person inside and out. GO CARLY!!! You have my vote along with many others.

Anonymous said...

'americans can't work in Ireland' - what are you talking about? Yes they can! I think American Idol is a pile of shite but the ignorance of some of the racists leaving comments here is unbelievable - wake up America - unless you are a native American, ALL OF YOU ARE THE PRODUCT OF EMIGRATION.

Anonymous said...

As an American, I am horrified at the disgusting comments coming from my 'fellow' Americans. And, yes, Americans CAN and DO work in Ireland! I have no problem with ANYONE of ANY nationality working in this country, as long as they do it LEGALLY! Illegal aliens stealing jobs are a totally different story...

Carly is doing nothing illegal, and since she came to this country when she was 13, and is married to an American, she has every right to be on 'American Idol'

Get a life, people!

Anonymous said...

For whoever said that Carly leaves one feeling cold inside after hearing her, that is just one person's opinion. I wanted to cry last night when she sang "Here You Come Again." She has a beautiful voice, and she has incredible talent. I feel drawn to her everytime she opens her mouth. I hope she rocks it out to the final 2.

Anonymous said...

Even if she does sing well, and has had a record contract - she still isn't an "idol". An Idol is someone you want your children to look up to and emulate. I certainly DO NOT want my daughter to have a hugh tat on her (now or ever), nor would I let her date a guy who has tats all over his face and probably his entire body. I certainly hope she acquires enough education to make her living without singing in a pub...AMERICAN IDOL???
I think not!!

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Anonymous said...

Carla is a great singer who needs to find her niche in the music world-I wish u best wishes and happiness in your career!!
LIVE,LOVE AND SING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--the big hamsterPA

Anonymous said...

Too many here are just being spiteful. Carly is a person, one who is apparently very hard working and she deserves a chance to be judged on her singing not on all the other irrelevant junk some are spouting. If she is good enough to get the votes she should win, if not at least she put herself out there to try...many here would not have the courage, drive, and commitment to do that.

Well done and Good Luck the her.

Anonymous said...

i don't get why people say things about her. she's an amazing singer and she isn't making up stories. her irish visa didn't come in on time, so give her a break on that. and she lives in san diego and works a pub. and she's not the only one that had a record before. so seriously leave her alone. i'm one of her biggest fans if not the biggest. so just leave her alone. she has an amazing voice and you'll be glad to hear her.

Anonymous said...

really people? you wanna believe the tabloids that was most likely writen by a hater? alright if you do thats stupid. i don't get why people have a problem with her. she's an amazing singer and performer. if the only reason you have a problem with her is because she's from ireland, then stop freakin watching the show! she has as much of a right to be here as anyone else on the show! so go ahead, say whatever you want, spread rumors, because you know thats what your doing "tabloid baby". you seriously gotta stop making up freakin stories cause its not only pissing me off, but so many other people. i bet you never even heard her sing before. so if you didn't, you probably should before you say anything else.

and to "tabloid baby" your pissing me off so much. why do you hate carly? she did nothing to you. i highly doubt you even know her! so really, just leave her alone!

i love you carly and i'm behind 10000000000000000000% + more ! i'm one of your biggest fans if not the biggest and i'll always be here cheering you on! i love you carly !

Anonymous said...

ok, to all of you that are hating on her and judging carly, by who she is married to and who her friends are. get a life, so what if they have tattoos,do u even know these people? i for one can say i happen to know her husband Todd. He is one of the nicest and kindest human beings I have ever met. have u never heard the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover!" Plus, this is about her talent her voice, not her tattoo, or her husband's tattoo,this is not high school people. get over yourselves.

This is supposed to be equal opportunity.. demeaning someone because of the way they look.. that my friends is the worst form of not only discrimination but ignorance.
Carly I think you are a very talent individual and i have much respect for you.

Anonymous said...

Carly should never be an American idol. She is not an American and there's nothing to idolize about her massive, fat, tattooed arm. Her husband, covered with tattoes is disgusting, and they both epitomize what is wrong with America, not what should be idolized. They are both GROSS!!!!!
Go back to Ireland, Carly, America does not want or need you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Aren't most American's descended from immigrants anyway? I mean you're all ultimately relatives of the original settlers, so how about you all fuck off back home again too? I have never seen such unwarranted racism and discrimination before, apart from among the Neo-Nazi group I recently ran into in Poland.

America has a big heart? Really?! Does it have the Iron Cross tattooed on it too? You know, just to ward of those who dared to fall in love with one of its citizens, get married and then hope that the US really was "the land of opportunity"?

Carly is an amazing person, and an amazing singer. You don't have the first clue about the struggle she has gone through in the last 10 years, or an idea about how much courage she is demonstrating simply by getting back on that stage. To read all this demoralising bullshit that's being written by brainless morons like tabloid baby makes me marvel at the inner stength and conviction Carly must carry with her.

Good luck Carly - you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting to see how shallow and ignorant some of my fellow Americans are. It doesn't surprise me though. The majority believe everything they hear from Fox News. They wouldn't do research on their own if you payed them. It wouldn't be entertaining enough.

For those of you pointing fingers at Carly and her husband's tatoos, shame on you. You're shallow, self-absorbed, and prejudiced based on your tiny perspective of the world. I have no tatoos, but I don't judge those who do. I wouldn't judge you for piercing your ears, coloring your hair, or wearing too much makeup.

Those of you pointing fingers at her nationality need to read your history books. Not entertaining enough, I'm sure. America's greatness is a product of the diversity of the many nationalities that built it.

Good luck to you, Carly. You have a fine voice. I hope you get to use it to enjoy a better life. Take the ride for what it is worth, America's attention span is brief and based on the need for instant gratification.

Anonymous said...

Carly is a brilliant singer. To those who said they wouldn't want their daughter dating a tatooed guy, think of this. Would you rather have her date an asshole who cleans up well or a tatooed nice guy??

Anonymous said...

She is not a failed professional pop star. She is a singer who has hit some bumps in the road and had the courage not to quit. It should be commended, not condemned.
And as far as her husbands or her tattoos are concerned, i fail to see what they could possibly have to do with her voice. And her husband is there every week showing his support, which is indicative of a damn good guy.

Anonymous said...

Some people are so stupid. Saying she is not "american" so she shouldn't be on the show? That's pretty funny considering that everyone living in the U.S originally came from somewhere else! The U.S hasn't been independent for that long therefore we all came from immigrants at one point.

SMH said...

To the idiots that think tattoos are a turn off...go to hell!! Just because people are different then you are does NOT make them a disgrace or hideous! If everybody in this world were exactly alike in every area of life i sure as hell wouldn't want to live here. We need the tattoos, we need the gothics, we need people who don't know how to comb their hair etc. we need everybody to make up this wonderful beautiful world we live in. Ever hear of Stepford Wives?? BORING!!!!! AND BESIDES... Tattoos have nothing to do with talent! And Carly has plenty of it!!! She is without a doubt the most beautiful female vocalist on AI this year by far! Who gives a flip if she has a flopped album? If you don't like her, stop watching the damn show and keep your self righteous opinions to yourself! I'm sick to death of stuck up, butt wipes who can't pull their head out the 1st century long enough to enjoy the variety life has to offer. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's wrong!!!!

John From NJ said...

I do agree that American idol is a big "PR" stunt, however she is definitely one of the most talented finalists. As for the people who don't like her for her tattoos- I imagine you arewhite trash from the midwest or something. Welcome to 2008 you poor narrow-minded fools!

Daniel Hendrix said...

If a person comes here from another country, gets married here or becomes a naturalized citizen, he or she has all the same rights and opportunities. Where would our country be without all the brave Irishmen who gave their lives for our country early on in it's history? I think there are too many dumb fools in America today. Blame whatever you want, but it is clear that American Idol has gone bad this year. Carly was clearly in the top two when it comes to singing ability. I can name four other people who should have gone home before she did. And it is not because she is Irish (though that didn't hurt!!) that I pulled for her(though that didn't hurt!!), but because she was sounded so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone care that Carly is from Ireland, is there something wrong with that. Also, it does not matter that she and/or her husband have tattoos. Tattoos are not anything that I prefer, but if they are not offensive...who cares, there are many singers that have tattoos..and again who cares if she had a failed album prior to American Idol. She loves to sing and why would any one really care if this is what she chooses to do. Life is short and I personally applaude her for not giving up on HER DREAM......Bottom line, she is a human being trying to enjoy her life. Please let her live her life and don't judge..... Carly, you go girl!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot fathom the extreme prejudice and hateful comments on this post. My calendar reads 2008 but these negative comments lead one to believe its still the Dark Ages. How anyone can cut this woman down because she had an unsuccessful debut or tattoos - or even her husband's tattoos - is completely ignorant. Where is your COMPASSION America? This woman is a living example of someone who pulls themself up, wipes off their bloody knees, and attempts to climb the mountain again. She's got more guts and determination that the anonymous spineless fools who hide behind their monitors, tucked away in the privacy of their homes, and leave ignorant and malicious reviews. In addition, she has an amazing voice, beautiful soulful eyes and a delightful smile. AI just won't be the same without her. Good Luck in the future, Carly. You'll reach that mountaintop yet, and when you do remember to smile and let the sun sparkle in your Irish eyes and reflect the ink on your tattoos!

Anonymous said...

First of all, Carly is married to Todd Smithson so that's why she is called Carly Smithson. American Idol is a show for people who have not made it (being famous, successful records, etc) and Carly had not made it to the big leagues before American Idol the last time I checked. Yeah, she had a recording contract and one album, but it flopped. You're more profesional if you've had years and years of voice training, which alot of contestants do.
Idol didn't pull a fast one. She had every right to be there and had more determination and talent than the majority of people who are on that stage and are still in the contest. She lives and works in America, so as far as I'm concerned, she's American, and can be tryout for American Idol if she wants. Now that she's off, she's probably going to be the female version of Chris Daughtry.

To all the people who have some strange problem with Carly being Irish and being on American Idol:
The majority of Americans' ancestors came from OTHER COUNTRIES.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Give the girl a break! She was 15 years old when she recorded that album in 2001 and lo and behold it failed. Apparently, America had more important things to consider than buying another singing kids album.... Like.... Um, September 11, 2001? So many facts about Carly has been blown out of control even down to her changing her name due to getting married. Sour grapes and jealously cause people to spew hateful garbage. Sad thing is, with Carly's unbelievable talent and great attitude, she will make it far, now that she is an adult and able to fight for her dreams, and all this "press" will help her get their faster.

Anonymous said...

GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT PEOPLE! If your all want to be a bunch of sheep and follow what is posted online from a bunch of sensationalistic media then you all come across as niave and not very smart. Carly was just 15 years old when she started working on her first album that's a child, a teenager, and in all states, a minor! Dig a little deeper for your facts online you will find that her handlers didn't manage her well. So what, a 15 year old girl is supposed to be savy with the entertainment world and know all the in and outs of the game??? Read online how they screwed her around. don't go to one source dig until you find the real story. She deserves a break, just like YOU do! As far as her not being an American, give me a break, you guys who posted this ridiculous comment, don't you have an immigrant background? Unless you are aboriginal ( that's Native American for those of you who don't know.) you are all immigrants! So those of you who commented about that, you have forgotten your heritage-oops! She has technically one of the best voices on this year's American Idol. don't be jealous of her because she is a good singer, don't call her a snob when she is clearly down to earth and funny. Those of you who made scathing comments about her here, your jealousy shines through, ok, maybe some of you just don't like her style of voice, fair enough, but don't cut her down, it only makes you look stupid. Also you are probably good at something, that she and these readers and not good at, so be cool and mature. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Have a good day and try to be clever and know your facts when posting. And remember in life if you want to be happy and sucessful be kind, as you will atract more flies with honey than with vinegar. I will not comment back to people commenting on my post. Cheers

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