Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TMZ likes it on the bottom, from behind

"Criss Angel Likes a Hairy Bush on His Face"
--corporate porn-pushing-gossip site TMZ.com
Corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com is financed by millions of dollars from Time Warner and AOL, makes sweetheart deals with taxpayer-financed police departments, is cited as an authoritative source by mainstream news organizations too lazy or stretched to put their own reporters on certain show business stories, and who are happy to use its bronzed, buffed, dyed and sculpted little frontman as an expert.

Yet, for all the attention and money paid to the corporate porn-pushing gossip site and whitewashed syndicated television version of the same, the executives behind the TMZ operation either have a problem hiring good writers, or have given the blessing to pornographic postings make the viewer feel dirty just by clicking in. We'd think that now, during the writers' strike, they'd be able to find some experienced wits and wags are in need of a paycheck. Instead, the corporate porn-pushing gossip site has plumbed new depths.

There are reasons why Harvey Levin was named Tabloid Baby's 2007 Journalist of The Year, and they are not good.

Examples? Let's spin through a few headlines from the past twenty four hours:

STORY SYNOPSIS: Former model and reality TV star Janice Dickinson practices yoga by lifting her legs in the air.


Janice -- My S**t Don't Stink!

STORY SYNOPSIS: Paris Hilton poses for a Fila photo shoot.


Paris Loves It On All Fours

STORY SYNOPSIS: Las Vegas magician Chriss Angel is photographed with a beard.


Criss Angel Likes a Hairy Bush
on His Face

All stories credited to "TMZ Staff." Your move.


Anonymous said...

Like a bad high school yearbook parody.
(A Mankiewicz is involved with this stuff? Depressing.)

Anonymous said...

harvey levin sucks ass. look at that face, yuk.