Monday, January 28, 2008

Daily Show scab has a bolly good laugh at his union

Aasif Mandvi is one lucky comic actor. Born in Mumbai, India, he came to America and got his start in showbiz as part of the "Streetmosphere" (now, "Citizens of Hollywood") ensemble at Walt Disney World. Since 2006, he's been one of the "correspondents" on the left-wing, liberal nightly show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Liebowitz-- the "correspondents" and writers who write and participate in written sketches every night, even though their union, the Writers Guild of America, is striking their show's parent conglomerate, has denied the show a free pass, and is in fact picketing their studios.

Aasif, who has been given much more than many other American working stiffs and WGA members, tells New York magazine why and how he and his "boss" get away with crossing their union, violating strike rules and scabbing unmolested:

“We just sit around a table all day, telling stories and not writing. Actually, you can write. But you can’t think,” he said. “Not many people know this, but it’s just the thinking and writing at the same time that they object to. You can put pen to paper as long as there is absolutely no coherent thought. You can draw pictures, you can write words, but it can’t make any sense to anyone who has a basic education.

“I don’t cross picket lines, because they don’t start picketing until, like, way in the afternoon, and I’m home by then.”

Ha ha ha. Now they're laughing in our faces!

Aascab Mandiscab!

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Folks, your tax dollars at work. Help the poor minorities.

Actually, this guy should be sprinkled with paprika, dropped in a deep fryer and served on a skewer at an Oscars bash.