Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New website features Mark Hudson & his music

The Hudson Brothers comeback continues today with the arrival of a new website dedicated to the work of middle brother Mark Hudson.

MarkHudsonMusic.com is launched the same day that Mark’s latest production, Ringo Starr’s Liverpool 8 album, hits stores and websites. Mark, the incredibly influential producer, songwriter and performer who's been Ringo’s main collaborator and career resuscitator for a decade, cowrote most of the songs, laid down the tracks for Ringo to add his drums and vocals and had the album for release last year—until Ringo got huffy and cut off the partnership when Mark’s television work conflicted with one of Ringo’s All Starr tours. Ringo brought the tapes (files) to Dave Stewart, who added his trademark overgloss to the project and now shares production credit.

Mark, meanwhile, carries on (he's music supervisor of The Seventh Python project) and it’s too bad for Ringo so late in life, since Mark and his fellow musos brought a sense of down-to-earth reality and mateship to guy whose sense of entitlement betrays the fact that he's been used to having his ass tickled with a feather for the past 45 years.

When last heard from, the Mark Hudson pop idol machine was offering a sexy 2008 calendar featuring twelve months of the fabled “weird beard” in various poses. The new MarkHudsonMusic.com website, designed by Keren, includes a shop, blog, news, videos, photos, links and much more. It's a regular musical history tour.

Our favorite part, though, is the homepage which features a mock up of an album cover that is obviously a tribute to our Tabloid Baby icon (above left). The twist: most every face is Mark's.

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