Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Israel Baseball League keeps the blinders on

What's that Yiddish word? Meshugeneh?

No-- chutzpah.

That's it! Chutzpah!

The guys behind the Israel Baseball League sure do have a lot of chutzpah! Despite reports of a first season debt that tops a million US dollars, a founder who few want to work with, lots of former contributors out to remake Israel's baseball dream on their own, and a general consensus that there probably won't be professional baseball in Israel in 2008, the IBL continues to press forward as if everything is, well, kosher.

In fact, only hours ago, a new entry appeared on the revived IBL website, bringing us up-to-date on the tryouts that took place last month in Miami:

01/07/2008 10:03 PM
Miami Florida-

The Israel Baseball League held is second successful tryout of the off-season in anticipation of the 2008 baseball season in Israel. The tryout, held in Miami, and run by Dan Duquette, featured former minor league pitchers and some excellent players with college level experience. "We hope to sign at least six to eight players from this tryout to go along with the eight we are going to sign from the tryouts in Hinsdale," said Dan Duquette following the workout. "With the number of players who will be returning from last season," said Bryan Pinchuk, Assistant Director of Player Personnel, "we are right on target to accomplish our number one goal of the off-season, namely to upgrade the already high level of play in the IBL." Future tryouts are scheduled for the Dominican Republic and Los Angeles in the upcoming months.

Now, the reports we got from the tryouts were not so rosy ("About thirty hopefuls showed up... about two players displayed an inkling of talent, yet none is destined to get an El Al coach ticket to a summer of fun."), but there you go.

Meanwhile, the IBL site also advertises the "Next Game":

Modi'in Miracle
@ Bet Shemesh Blue Sox
06:00 PM
and contains a FAN POLL:

What do you think is the most impressive accomplishment
in the IBL's inaugural season?

* Esequier Pie throwing two no-hitters in one season

* Eladio Rodriguez hitting .461 with 16HR, 44 RBI in 34 G

* The Bet Shemesh Blue Sox winning the IBL Championship
and never falling below first place the entire season

Which leads us to ask: What do YOU think is the most impressive accomplishment in the IBL's inaugural season?

And be sure to let us know the date of the Los Angeles tryouts. We'll be there, with bagels.


Bored said...

This story is getting soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo old! How about something about Dr. Phil finding a way to weasle into a private hospital room, or a story about how all Hillary Clinton has to do is cry to win a primary. Don't you have a story about how someone waved onions under Hillary's face so she could produce those tears? At least give us more 34D Lara photos!!! Come on - get rid of this tired beaten to death story - please!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Finally someone says it! Please do another story!!! Boring!!! Next!!! Move On!!!

SICK and TIRED said...

How about solving peace in Israel-get over this nonsense-Move on!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not bored yet. If any one wanted to really investigate the IBL they'd find an incredible story about business, morals, deception, and how love for Israel and baseball can blind you to just about anything.

Keep up the good work. If we didn't have Tabloid Baby we wouldn't know what was going on.

Anonymous said...

Yeh ,it's old! But it still begs the question Where did the money go?
Vendors ,fields,some players still are unpaid. How the he-- will there be a season two? All of a sudden Larry finds the money under his mattress and pays everybody?
When will there be a disclosure of funds?

Israel Should Bomb This Story said...

This is a tabloid, not a news agency you idiot. I don't want to read about some business investigation here. I want stories that catch my attention - I got the idea already, the IBL was a mess, and everyone involved is a mess - move the F*** on. This story and the commentators are boring me to death. Come on TB, you all are better than this!
Please!!! NO MORE IBL stories!!!

FERSHTAY? said...

TSUTCHEPPENISH THIS IBL STORY!!! Will the Shlemiel who allows this to be in TB every other day please get a clue, and find something more interesting to write about!

Anonymous said...

Nice try, Mr. Baras

Anonymous said...

Hey ,if you don't like reading the shit about the IBL then don't. Obviously, you read it very carefully
to see where the unraveling soap opera ends up. Hey tabloid any IBL sex stories?

Anonymous said...

Hey TB has got it all wrong again!
The IBL is planning next season to be played in the USA
Consider the facts-The Hebrew IBL website has not been updated in months
(Why bother,who needs Israelis to come to USA games anyway)
Baras probably would be arrested the second he sets foot in Israel
Saves on airfare
saves on lodging
saves on stiffing Israelis
Name of the new league:
Not the Israel Baseball League or
Idiots for Baras' Lies

Anonymous said...

Who really gives a shit about baseball in Israel. Basketball maybe, but baseball? It moves about a slowly as this story. Can we get something new, and maybe we can run a story on a pro chess team in Palestine!?!

Goldklang said...

If you think that Lary Baras is smart enough to know how to use a computer then you really are too stupid to be making comments on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Why does somebody feel the need to write nonsense pretending to be Marvin Goldklang?

Anonymous said...

The IBL has been decertified by the IAB