Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who killed Johnny Grant?

Los Angeles Times
January 10, 2008

Hollywood's Johnny Grant dies at 84

Johnny Grant, who visited Hollywood in 1943 as a star-struck serviceman and returned to carve out a niche first as a radio and television personality and then as its honorary mayor and foremost booster, died Wednesday at the age of 84.

Grant appeared to have died of natural causes, authorities said. Shortly before 7 p.m., an associate found him unconscious (in bed) in the penthouse of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where Grant made his home. City paramedics declared him dead at the scene, police said...

San Diego Union Tribune
September 13, 2005

Hollywood's honorary mayor dispels evction rumors

Hollywood's honorary mayor, Johnny Grant, lives in a two-bedroom, two-bath penthouse apartment in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with breathtaking views – and pays a modest (by L.A. standards) monthly rent of $2,000.

The arrangement stems from a 1991offer from the hotel's then-manager, who hoped that Grant would rent a 12th-floor suite and dub the building Hollywood's city hall. The suite proved too small and Grant offered to pay to remodel the vacant penthouse and move in there.

Grant a former disc jockey and public affairs director for TV station KTLA, said he signed a lifetime lease to rent the penthouse. The 82-year-old is the building's only permanent tenant.

Now, however, the newly renovated hotel has become the hot spot to party, and his 14th-floor apartment with a private terrace could no doubt command considerably more than Grant is paying.

Recently, word spread along Hollywood Boulevard that Grant was about to be evicted. Grant confronted hotel managers, who assured him he wasn't.

"They said they were happy to have me here," he said.

Grant said he plans to remain in the hotel for the rest of his life. He said he'll house a nurse in his spare bedroom if necessary.

"It's like assisted living," Grant said, referring to the hotel's services. "You lose a button and the people down in the laundry room will take care of it."


fishbowl la said...

Who'll Get Johnny Grant's Penthouse Now?

Tabloid Baby takes a totally original view of the recent death of Johnny Grant:

he was murdered for his apartment

Grant lived in a two-bedroom, two-bath penthouse apartment in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with breathtaking views--for only $2,000 a month. He was assured of the place for as long as he lived.

Far-fetched? Think again.

MarlinNut said...

Far-fetched? This is LA, baby - no such thing as "far-fetched" ... :-)